Top 10 Best Scooty In India 2019

best scooty in india: There is a lot of best scooters are manufactured in india and automatic scooter segment is undoubtedly growing at a solid pace. In the last year new automatic scooters are launched, in that scooters you can take a look at the top and best 10 scooty’s below and it can buy in india right now. In all over the world scooty’s are started the launching Honda active in the year of 2001 and that we call it as emergence of the automatic scooters in india.


After the long time in financial year 2017, the sales of the scooters crossed the 5.7 million mark and till now scooters sales have been growing at a steady rate. Nowadays the prospective scooter buyer is spoilt for choice with almost all major two wheeler manufacturer, but different models in the scooter space. Across the india, automatic scooters are here to stay and it will continue to be favorite by commuters in all towns and cities.

Best selling scooters in india 2019

You have to select these all are in best scooter and you can buy in india. The gearless scooters are gaining very much popularity in the market, with the new features, designs to attract the buyers and they also tend to return a very good mileage and makes it practical usage for day lives.

 One important thing for all scooter buyers is developments and fuel efficiency in this area have been impressive in last year. Here, we are provide a list of some best scooty’s that are not only fun to drive but also offers great mileage, so the hike in petrol prices it won’t hurt you a bit.

List of Best Scooters In India 2019:

Honda Activa 125:

Honda new Activa 125

Honda’s new Activa 125 has been launched in India, now it meets many features:

Honda Activa II is the second best selling scooter in the 25 cc scooters segment. And now Honda has updated and activated Active 125.

And now the Honda Activa Update 125 has launched, the company has made some cosmetic changes in addition to some new features, let us know what’s new and special …

Price and Features: The new Activa Value 125 is activated from its current model, which is about 125 million expensive, from Activa 125 to three Verinets which will be available with activa drum active drum alloy and Activa disk start price. Now it has a new LED headlamp which will be positioned with the LED lamps which will feature the new semi-digital speedometer which will feature you echo of the modes due to mode and service

The engine made no changes in the new Activa 125 where the company did not change in any way. What made cosmetic changes with the new facilities was the old 125 Honda Eco Technology (HET) engine. Which produces 8.52bhp power and 10.54Nm of torque. Its engine is equipped with an automatic transmission. The company claims that an active 125 mileage is provided in one liter of 125 liters

125 Directly fighting the new Activa 125 this time access Suzuki access to Sujuki 125, access scooter with 125 bestselling in its segment. In this you will find three stories. Speaking of the engine, it has a 125 cc engine, which gives 8.7PS and 10.2 nm torque power. Its engine is equipped with an automatic transmission. The company claims that the usage gives a mileage of 60 kilometers in 125 liters. This is a good option for a city ride.

TVS Jupiter Grande 5:

TVS Jupiter Grande 5

TVS brings a new scooter that will run in a range of 62 kilometers per liter.

Talking about the power of the TVS Jupiter Grand 5, its engine will not change. In this new scooter, the same old scooter will receive a 109.7cc single-cylinder engine. It produces 8 HP torque and 8 nm torque.

The company claims that the new scooter will be able to provide 62 kilometers of transport mileage. Talking about prices, the recent market price is about Rs. It is 56.488. It is believed that the price of the new master is only the rupee. May be 1500.

The scooter provides 10 new color selected for classic-style windshield, seats with suture color, all using chrome finish chrome circular reversing mirror, the whole scooter.

In this scooter, functions such as disc brakes and USB charger points are also available. In addition, a new generation of 110 cc engines is available that will produce 7.9 BHP of torque and 8 nm of torque.

For the gearbox, it has already obtained a CVT gearbox. The scooter is equipped with a synchronous brake system and a patented Internet-based TVS with eco mode and power mode to reduce engine consumption.

Aprilia SR 150 Scooter:

Piaggio India has released an updated Model of its popular Aphrilla SR, Aprilia SR 150 scooter. The Aprilia SR 150 is priced at Rs 70,031 in New Delhi. The SR 150 carbon version is priced at ₹73,500, while the SR150 Race version is priced at ₹80,211. The Aprilia SR 150 scooter has completed some new feature upgrades.

These are features and prices

  • The Aprilia SR 150 2019 is available in three models.
  • The basic model is priced at 70,031 rupees, the SR 150 carbon is priced at 73,500 rupees, and the SR 150 Race is priced at 80,211 rupees.
  • In April 2019, Aprilia SR 150 also provided a blue paint program.
  • Combine the red, white and green scooters and alloy wheels to align the red color. Black alloy wheels are available in the standard SR 150.
  • These engines produce 10.4 bhp and 11.4 Nm of torque.
  • The engine has been connected to the CVT gearbox for transmission.
  • The front of the scooter has a telescopic fork and a hydraulic shock absorber at the rear.

In addition, Piaggio has brought a new blue shadow to this 150cc scooter. The only engine of the 2018 version remains unchanged. At 154.8 ml, the single cylinder, which has been an air-cooled engine, can produce 10.4 horsepower of torque power and 11.4 Nm.

Hero Maestro Edge scooter:

The company has fixed the LX variant of the motorcycle (pre-showroom Delhi) rupee 49500 price, while the VX variant of the rupee 50700 price (former showroom Delhi).

The Hero Maestro Edge will be officially released on October 13. The hero has been explored by an air-cooled single-cylinder engine of 110 cubic centimeters, which is 8.4 ps to produce a power and torque of 8.3 nanometers for AVL new motorcycles. The engine has been connected to a CVT transmission.

Maestro Edge is designed to keep in mind male customers. There are many advanced features, including telescopic forks,

12-inch alloy wheels, tubeless tires, engine Imobilaijr, external fuel filler caps, partially digitized, partially analog dashboard scooters, hybrid brake systems, mobile charging sockets, Andersit luggage lights and LEDs include taillights.

In addition the company also gave their heroes the responsibility of a motorcycle that was launched soon. The motorcycle is also very big to watch and hopes that the company will attract customers of entry-level scooters.

In India, the existing Maestro Edge 110cc has been priced at Rs 49,900 and Rs 50,900. And it comes in the 110cc engine. It is still a sporty scooter in its own right but in the case of power is just a little.

Honda Grazia Scooter:

Honda Grazia: Launch in India with the Automated LED Headlamps, Learn Price and Features It has a 4-Stock Engine of 124.9CC. This engine gives the power of 8.52bHP at 6500RPM.

Honda Grazia Scooter Launch: Honda today launched its new scooter Honda Grazia in India. The booking of this scooter has already started. This scooter can be booked on any showroom of Honda by paying only Rs 2,000.

This is the first scooter in which automatic LED headlight is given. It has a 4-stroke engine of 124.9CC. This engine gives the power of 8.52bHP at 6500RPM. It gives torque of 10.54 newton meters at 5000RPM. This is a self and kick start. Its wheel base is 1,260mm. Its initial exshorum price in Delhi has been kept at Rs. 57, 897 thousand.

The new Honda Grazia is 1,812mm long, 697mm wide and 1,146mm high. Its whalley is 1,260mm In this, the fuel tank of 5.3 liters has been given. On the scooter front, a 190mm disc brake has been given. There is a drum break of 130mm in its back. Combine brake system has been given in order to make braking good. It has been completely digital meter. It has 3 stops eco speed meter. There is also a mobile charging port in it. A seat of 18 liters is given below the seat.

Apart from this, 4 In One Lock has been given in it. There is also a seat lock in front of it. It has been introduced in 6 colors. In it Neo Orange Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Spartan Red, Pearl Amazing White, Mac Axis Gray Mattleck and Matt Marvel Blue Matellik. It will compete with Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125, Vespa VX 125 and Mahindra Gusto 125.

Suzuki Access 125:

Suzuki Two-Wheeler has launched its best-selling scooter 125 special edition. Suzuki said that with the unique 125 scooter’s styling elements, the aim is to create a retro-style statement and the rider will have a unique path to exist.

The Access 125 Special Edition gives Suzuki a vintage look. The Suzuki access connects the 125 new wave, the color of the maroon cover Leather seat, the round bottom plate side chrome mirror and brown, which makes it squeeze out.

In the previous model of Suzuki Access 125, the company used drum brake. But in this new model the company has added new combi breaking system while strengthening the breaking system.

Which provides balanced braking to the driver during the emergency during the driving. The price of the new model has increased by just 690 rupees compared to the previous model.

This model will be discontinued after the previous model sales company will continue to hold the stock until April next.

In addition to this, a special edition logo is also available, Grab Rail and Alloy are painted black.

The 125cc automatic equipped with a transmission (CVT) Suzuki access makes the four-stroke single-cylinder engine 8.7 hp with torque power and 10.2 Nm.

The fuel efficiency of Suzuki Access is approximately 60 KMPL, 125 liters per liter.

Visit 125 pearl matte black, silver Sonic color optional,

TVS NTorq 125:

The current market of premium scooters is moving fast in India, along with this, the number of top quality scooters in the Indian market is also growing everyday. All of the big companies in the country as well as the world want to grow their foot in the developing Indian automotive industry as well as in this episode, Indian motorcycle producer  TVS introduced its 125cc sporty scooter TVS NTorq 125 on February 5.

With all the launch of NTorq 125, TVS Motors has came out within the 125cc segment. It is a day just after the launch that TVS had also displayed the NTorq 125 in Auto Expo 2018 also it was a good response for anyone.

TVS NTorq 125 design

TVS Motors says that TVS NTorq’s design and style is inspired by Stealth Fighter aircraft, which is the reason this design of this scooter is really razor-sharp and forward-looking.

TVS has maintained the complete dimensions and simple types of the graphite idea proven in 2014, although a lot of such things as distinctive LED daytime running lighting, red-colored line stitching on seats, Fox carbon fibre penels are all completely new.

TVS NTorq’s Tail Light was made really especially with the result that it looks completely different from other scooters.

TVS NTorq 125 also comes in total 4 matte colors, these types of this shiny color, its design is available in work and Nikhar, additionally, it looks completely different from the Young and the crowd.

TVS NTorq has 125cc CVTi Revv unit’s air-cooled, single cylinder engine. This engine provides an optimum power 9.27bhp and peak twisting of 10.4Nm at 7,500rpm. Because of these numbers, its acceleration and speed is speedier than other 125cc scooters and it is top-speed is 95 km / h.

However, during our test it was 99 km / hour in the top speed recorder given in the scooter, which is very good for a 125cc scooter.

TVS NTorq 125 Ride and Handling

At the start of the starter button, the NTorq 125 starts at the first time only. The sound of the startup of the scooter is quite different from the common scooters, and according to a scooter its sound sounds a little faster.


TVS Motor Company introduced many new colors in the 2017 TVS Scotty Zest 110 Matt collection. The sizzling will be available in the Scotty matte series of four colors available in matt blue, red matte, matte yellow and matte black. According to the exshorom price in Mumbai, the price of the matt series scooter remains at Rs 50,448.

The 2017 TVS Scotty Zest 110 Matt series engine will be the same as the launch. That is, a 110 cc CVTi unit that produces 8 peak powers and a peak torque of 8.7 nm. The company also claims that it has the best fuel efficiency scooter in its class, which is 62 kilometers per liter.

In 2017, several new features of the TVS Scooty refreshing 110 scrub series, such as the Threedi logo, storage under the seat light, silver oak trim panels and dual-tone seat colors. The company claims that the new Range Colors will provide a better choice for those who buy this scooter,

2017 ready to BS 4 standard TVS Scooty company claims that Passion 110 has the fastest acceleration in the second Scotty range. customers can choose to choose the 8 best colors under the Zest 110 product portfolio. It will be found in the Turkwicash Blue, Pearl Peach, Powerful Pink and Citrus Orange Standard variants.

In terms of other features of the LED taillights, the stainless steel muffler guard leather, textured floor, USB charging, backlit speedometer, kick start and center stand have always existed.

Yamaha Fascino:

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha launched the new scooter Yamaha Fascino in India. The company launched this stylish scooter for Rs 5,250 (pre-Delhi showroom). This scooter is equipped with a sleek design and a range enhancer that can be selected in a variety of colors.

Beautiful appearance and strength are special

The design of the Yamaha Fascino scooter is very attractive. This scooter with Diamond Shap headlights looks classic and stylish. Yamaha’s new scooter is designed to appeal to women. Equipped with a 113 cc engine, this scooter produces 7 bhp. According to the company, its mileage is 66 kilometers per hour.

Five-color chain

Now all the designs of the Yamaha Fenso scooter come from scooters and are available in five colours. These include Rug Red, Cessy Place, Hue White, Cool Cobalt and Tuxedo Black. Its total weight is 103 kg. In this part, the scooter will compete with the Vespa LX 125 and Honda Activa.

The Japanese two-wheeler company has set the price of Yamaha Fenino in the Indian market at 52,500 rupees (pre-Delhi showroom). This scooter is based on the company’s patented technology. The scooter features a diamond crosshead lamp that brings a retro look to the Yamaha Fesino for a classic look.

The scooter with a 113 cc engine produces 7 bhp and 8.1 nm torque. This single-cylinder V-belt is operated by an automatic transmission.  The Yamaha Fascino scooter will be available in five colours. The company claims that its mileage is 66 kilometers per hour.


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