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3 reasons to do your internship in a startup

The Takeaway:

A startup is an excellent place to work if you're still in college or recently graduated. Nowadays, startups are also providing an option to work as an intern so that you get that exposure at an early age.

Interning at startups helps you gain exposure and experience before stepping into the real world and enables you to earn those extra bucks!

Startups are a great place to intern because you get immense experience and undergo overall training.

When you intern with a startup, it is possible to meet and know everyone in the company. You’ll likely make more connections, and if you stay in the startup ecosystem in a particular geographic area, you’ll find that lots of people know each other, and these connections can be precious.

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This article will tell you 3 reasons why you should intern with a startup at an early age. So let’s begin.


1. You’ll gain experience for a lifetime

Whenever you work in any startup, you will learn the working and organization with full transparency. Unlike corporate jobs, startups work as a team in establishing it from scratch so that you will learn a lot from your peers.

Interns have many responsibilities and look inside what is needed for the company to work. Since there are usually not many paid employees at the beginning of the phase, apprentices are treated as regular employees and given real jobs. 

Many startup jobs in India provide internship options, so try applying for one.


2. You’ll work with everyone equally

At corporate jobs, interns are unlikely to meet the CEO. But that is not the case with startups. 

At startups, interns have access to senior employees and outside contacts, which means amazing networking opportunities when the internship ends.

Interns who perform tremendously with full potential are likely to get a recommendation from senior executives or even the CEO! So who wouldn’t like to work with a startup?


3. You can showcase multiple skills!

Since startups are tight on a budget, in the beginning, they can’t hire individual employees for every task. So if you’re hired as an SEO content writer and have a skill in working as a graphic designer, go for it!

There are many work from home startup internships available for students in this pandemic situation. Sounds convenient, isn’t it?

While this may be busy for some, students can try different sets of skills and learn about all aspects of the company. This benefits students who do not read well what they want to do after graduation because they can find what they like and dislike.

So, stop thinking and apply to an internship with a startup because these are a few reasons you should work with a startup. 

In reality, the list goes on…

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