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5 cool best out of waste ideas which India should adopt from the world

The Takeaway:

India is among the top ten countries with the highest rates of solid municipal waste produced. Unless we do not reform our waste management policies now, India will quickly drown in its mess.


India drowns in its waste with no best out of waste ideas. The pace at which India presently produces waste is expected to need a landfill approximately as massive as the city Bengaluru by 2030 to dispose of garbage. Single urban areas generate about 62 million tons of waste each year, making India the world’s third-largest garbage generator. However, the real problem is not the generation of waste, but the fact that more than 45 million tons of garbage remain untreated in India.


Five innovative ways waste is being managed across from across the world.

1. Mr. Trash Wheel From USA

This garbage cleaner operated by solar and water removes waste and debris that wash down the Baltimore River. This magic tool has taken 1.1 million pounds of trash from the water over the last three years, which contains 372,650 bottles of plastic and 8.9 million buds of tobacco. The success with Mr. Trash Wheel in Baltimore is enormous.

How does it work?

The current of the river generates control to spin this machine’s water wheel, which then serves as a tool for removing garbage and debris from the surface. When the trash is gathered, it is placed into a dumpster barge integrated into this unit. If the water current isn’t high enough to drive the pump, solar power is generated by a connected solar panel.


2. BigBelly And Australian SmartBelly Bins

Such bins are intelligent enough to generate additional trash space when the container is complete and automatically divide it at the collecting point. The SmartBelly bin is indeed Nice to Compostable.

Each bin has 600 liters, which ensures that it can accommodate up to eight times the volume of typical street litter bins or five times the average 120-liter wheelie bin volume.

How does it work?

The way these bins function is pretty straightforward. BigBelly runs with solar power. Individual sensors mounted inside these bins are activated when garbage fills up, resulting in up to five times more space to store waste.


3. Germany teaches the world how to cope with the danger of plastics

The Leaf Republic, a company in Germany, takes inspiration from India, but with a twist. They produce plates made of leaves. Yes, you heard it right! After three years of extensive research, the company introduced ‘Leaf Plates’ to deal with the growing issues of pollution by plastic. The plates are entirely made of leaves, and the company claimed that not a single tree was cut in the manufacturing process. Each plate cost 50 cents and are eco friendly.



There are eco companies in India hiring from Internshala who are trying to make such eco-friendly and biodegradable plates, but the trend still needs to catch on. Indians are still focusing on petty issues like is Boat a good brand instead of waste management.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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