In modern era every company runs behind development and growth. To achieve the business growth it needs to focus on people who work for it. They need to have perfect knowledge of process and updated with the latest tools and techniques that can help them get the process quick. For the companies it is necessary to have the people who can make proper decision at right time with logic. To have such people the HR needs to hire the candidates with perfect reasoning skills. The abstract reasoning test can be instrumental in getting such profiles on board.

Usually for an individual in HR department it is not possible to find the skills and attributes of a candidate with the help of a small interview and his credentials. The position where such individual is required to be posted need one who has such skills that can help him take right decision at the very right moment. To know if the candidate who is shortlisted by other means such as written test and personal interview, the HR needs to carry him through this test which can display if the concerned candidate can carry out the desired task as per the expectation of the company or not.

Find the best test:

Though one can find ample types of test in the market which claim the best result in terms of desired outcome, the test of reasoning can prove as the best as with the help of the same it becomes easy to judge about various attributes in a candidate. For HR it is the toughest job to find the desired attributes in the candidate and this test can prove highly useful at this juncture.

It is a test which is created by some of the renowned personalities in the market. The test has many questions which are situational to know the reaction of a candidate in the form of an answer. Here in this test every question is provided with a score that helps the HR to find who can be the right candidate for a given job. This test is available in different formats and from different experts.

There are also readily available tests in the market which one can get at a low cost. However, from such ready to use test one cannot expect much support as the questions asked in them are much similar and easy to answer which does not offer the true picture of the attributes of a candidate. Another thing is they may not have same questions which are required to have the answer for a specific position with a company.

Hence the best option in such situation is to get such a test designed particularly for a company and a particular position. However, it is not that easy as it involves a good cost to the business which many companies cannot afford also. To have a better solution one can go for a ready to use test but need it to modify before taking the candidates through the test. It can help one to have the desired results easily.

The types:

The aptitude test also has different types. They can be taken offline and online as per the need of the organization. It depends solely on the need of the organization and HR to go for any of these types of test. In case of a mass recruitment where this test is necessary one can go for any of the formats. However, due to the advancement of technology nowadays most of the companies prefer to go for the online test.

In online test also there can be two options. The candidate can be provided with the credentials for log in and asked to appear in the test from any location which includes his home, a café or any other place where he can have a computer and internet connection. He can be asked to come to the office of the employer also and appear in a test where the infrastructure is always ready for such tests.

In online test the answers for each question in each section can be submitted online with a click only. There is also a timer set which keeps the candidate monitoring for the time duration of the test and once the time is up the candidate is prevented from submitting any more answer. Here also one is provided with option to change or delete the answer. Usually the questions asked in the test are only in the form of MCQ where one needs to select any of the given option in response to a particular question. The candidate can also check the number of questions asked and number of questions he has attended. Once the test is submitted he can see the score on the screen and same is shared with the concerned person in the HR department also. Hence in a few minutes one can see if he matches the required parameters for the employment or not.

In offline test also most of the things remain same for the test but here one needs to appear in the test physically at a given venue by the HR. The candidate is given a paper and other necessary things. The questions are given in a booklet while the answer paper is given separately. Here one can find various options in response to a question and he needs to find any one of the options which is most suitable as the answer. The paper is checked after submission and the score is disclosed which can help HR decide the rest of the process for a particular candidate.

Why go for this test?

This test whether it is abstract reasoning test or aptitude test can prove much useful in getting the people who have attributes required for a specific job and position. This test can be taken in a few minutes but can offer the best asset for any business in the form of right people who can prove useful in a long run for the business.

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