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Best Auto insurance companies in California

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Comparing prices, both online and offline is much comfortable and effective rather than asking for recommendations. No matter, where do you stay, but there are various aspects which decides an autoinsurance plan. Companies offering customer satisfaction, different covers and having positive ratings will be a better option for you. Driving in California is like a cakewalk without any restrictions. In this article we’ll help you to find the best auto insurance plans for California State. If you are a California resident, then you’ll surely get benefitted with this article.

Remember you might be living at a different location; hence there might be variances in your requirements. But still, you can grab some information to purchase perfect auto insurance for yourself.

  • Significant rules of Auto insurance in California
  • As per the regulations of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there are some minimum auto insurance requirements which should be followed by the California residents.
  • According to the rules, if a single person dies or faces any injury, a sum of minimum $15,000 is offered. On the other hand if more than one person is injured or died, an amount of $30,000 is claimed.
  • Minimum $5,000 is offered as a liability if any property is damaged as per the rules.

Let’s straight discuss about the top best auto insurance in California.

  • Progressive

Progressive is a famous name when it comes to best auto insurance plans in America. This company is mostly famous due to its marketing campaigns. Progressive is considered as one of the best insurance company by American drivers. This company allows you to modify your insurance plan and choose specific covers for your vehicle. Hence you can even lower your premium cost.

  • AAA

AAA Company is actually two different organisations. The AAA of Southern California controls the southern part of California. On the other hand, AAA of Northern California handles the northern part of California. The significant thing of AAA which attracts customer is that company offer dividends to the customers. You can easily enjoy all the benefits at a reduced price. If you live in California you’ll surely enjoy all the benefits with lots of discounts.

  • Esurance

This company should be must in our list due to their massive popularity across America. As a part of Allstate Family, Esurance is giving a fierce competition to all other competitors. This company offers all the premium plans at a discounted price without many restrictions. In California, Esurance is termed as the best auto insurance company by the residents. This company offers its entire plans with more than 15 percent discount throughout the year.

  • Nationwide

The youth is the future of California. There are number of young drivers residing in California. Nationwide is famous among young drivers due to their budget-friendly auto insurance plans. Features like Smart drive attract young generation of California. There are some limitations due to low price, but it’s beneficial for young drivers. If you are a young champ, just go for Nationwide auto insurance plans.

Happy Driving!

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