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Top 10 Best Bikes Under 80000 in 2020 India

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Best bikes in India

Riding a stylish and powerful bike on weekends has become a part of our youth’s routine. Yes, riding bikes with friends is always fun, but there are more than 300 models available in the market. Every rider has its own choice and requirements.

Choosing the best bike is always challenging because you’ll find difference in opinions.Hence before investing your hard-earned money in a bike, you should always research and try riding some motorcycles. To get rid of this issue, we’re always here to help you find that perfect bike which suits your driving style and requirements.

When it comes to bikes, practical knowledge and experience are essential. Hence we researched about different bikes and their features available in the market. We found that every model has its own pros and cons.

Even there are brands which attract buyers through false commitments. Hence never fall for such professional yet fake promises by the executives. It’s you who will decide a perfect bike for yourself. We here can only help through our guide. Let’s further start with our well-researched guide.

Top 10 Best Bikes Under 80000

Buying guide for bikes in India under 80000

See when it comes to the bike, your driving style and needs will help you find a perfect bike for yourself. The motorcycle market is big enough, and we can see various advancements in technology.

Let’s start with the common man’s bike. Yes, the daily commuter bike which is also known as standard bikes. Such bikes are comfortable enough to travel miles daily without getting exhausted. Commuter bikes are budget-friendly with less maintenance cost.

If you are the one who need a motorcycle to travel during weekends in nearby places, then opt for commuter bikes.

Speed is the core of sports bikes. The craze for sports bike is increasing in our country. Sports bikes are highly-advanced in terms of speed, brakes, drifting, with a sturdy design. Such bikes have high-performance engines, but it can hit your pocket too.

Off-road bike riding is widespread across the globe. You can see mostly riders are using off-road motorcycles for their daily commuting too. Such motorcycles are also known as dirt bikes too. Dirt bikes are highly-customizable, but every rider will not love such motorcycles. Yes, it looks attractive, but it might be not suitable according to your driving style.

In simpler words, there are various motorcycles, but if you take a test ride on different bikes, you’ll surely find perfect one for yourself.

Factors to consider while buying a bike in India

Driving experience – Yes, experience and driving style matters a lot when you purchase a motorcycle. If you are a new rider, then you’ll surely not have experience for making the most from your bike. On the other hand, if you are well-experienced, then you know how to wisely use your bike on every road.

Hence, if you are new to bikes, go for standard motorcycles where you can gain experience and learn riding skills. If you have gained enough riding skills, you can shift to sports bikes quickly.

Riding surface – The next factor is the place where you’ll ride your bike daily. You just cannot take sports bikes in desserts. In the current scenario, bikes are mostly designed for smooth surface and roads.

On the other hand, there are brands which are launching dirt bikes for rugged and tough surface. Hence you can choose one for yourself according to your preferred surface.

Maintenance cost – Your bike needs regular maintenance if you want them to serve for a longer period. The service and repair cost can make a deep hole in your pocket if the bike is not maintained for years.

Hence choosing a motorcycle according to the daily lifestyle is truly important. You cannot just purchase a sports bike only for regular daily commuting.

Engine of bike – There are different bikes starting from 100cc to 2000cc. If your engine displacement is big enough, then it will inevitably produce more power. Always check the fuel efficiency and volume of the engine cylinder before purchasing a bike. You should all the technical aspects of your bike.

Design and looks – Nowadays, riders just fall for the robust design and looks. But, your bike should also match your physique during riding. There are various bikes which are suitable for short-heighted individuals too.

Even tall and bulky individuals can also purchase a motorcycle according to physique. Cruisers are ideal for short persons. If you are an athlete or muscular enough then opt for street bikes or sports bikes. On the other hand, for bulky riders, metal machines are perfect.

This was all about different types of bikes and their features. You should go through our guide once to find a perfect bike for yourself.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of the author and is not representative of CloudStory or TimesNext’ views.
The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision or buying any product or services.

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