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5 best english learning apps for android 2020

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English is an international language so it’s kinda important that we learn it mo matter where we are from because you never know when you would need to speak English. And if we talk about India, English has become a popular language and you have to learn it if you wanna clear the interviews, talk to the client’s or anything else. But people don’t wanna go outside and take regular classes, because of their busy schedule. Thankfully we have a number of apps that can help us learn English fluently!

If you would search for English learning apps on play store you would see hundreds of app for it but are they all good? Maybe or may not and you can easily get confused about which one app you should trust in the first place which will help you learn English! But we are here to save you the trouble of going through every app and finding the best one. In this article, we have picked up the 5 best English learning app which will help you learn English effectively and efficiently. So read the article to find out the best apps for learning English and pick the app according to your preferences.

1.Duolingo: learn English free

Duolingo is anyway a popular app for learning any foreign language and that stands out true for learning English as well. The app features fun and effective ways that will make you learn or improve your English. The app can improve your reading, speaking and writing skills too with short lessons.

The best part about this app is you will learn English for free without spending a single penny on the app. So if you wanna learn English easily without attending those long and boring classes you need to download Duolingo ASAP!

2. Hello English

Hello English is another popular English learning app that helps you learn English with 475 interactive lessons. The lessons are free and you will easily get grammar lessons and the app will help you to increase your vocabulary.

To make your learning fun the app features interactive games too. You will also get discussion features where you get to ask your doubts with the teachers. You can learn with your friends too by playing fun games with them!

3. English Speaking Practice

English Speaking Practice app helps you to learn English speaking in an intuitive manner. What this app basically does is that you will learn English by listening to short conversations in English. The app also features easy conversation tools which makes it easy to make conversations and speak English.

4.English Grammer Learning Free Offline Grammer Book

English Grammer Learning app is also a leading English learning app that helps you you improve your grammar and English skills free of cost. As its name suggests the app can be also used offline and you use anywhere and anytime you want without having an internet connection!

5.Utter- learn English or chat

Utter has a very fine basic syllabus of English grammar which includes tense, preposition, verbs and so on which will help you to easily learn the language. The app will also be helpful for kids too who needs help with their grammar. Overall it’s a reliable app to learn English.

 So these are our top 5 picks for the best English learning apps and you can rely on any one of them. We hope you have found our article helpful and you have got what you needed. So thank you for visiting our page! This article is submitted by aamir co founder of questionsgems.

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