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Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India 2020

The Takeaway:

Best Watch Brands in India: Perfect accessories with a stylish outfit make you look more appealing in parties and meetings.

An elegant and stylish wristwatch will enhance your looks with confidence. Even after the launch of latest smartwatches, a classy wristwatch can only give you that premium feel.

Whether you are a male or female, wrist watches should be your part of daily accessories. There are several wrist watches brands which are ruling the market for decades.

Having collection of different watches should be your habit if you want to enhance your looks and features.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India

Best Watch Brands in India 2020

Are you searching for the best wrist watches brands? In this article, we’ll mention the best watch brands which are dominating the Indian market. In the current scenario, Indian mens are mostly interested in wrist watches rather than females. But the female number is also increasing day by day.

Females are also adding wrist watches to their accessories collection rather than makeup kits. Our upcoming guide defines all the top wrist watches brands which are quite innovative and suitable for every budget category too.

Get The List of Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India 2020 Below:

1) Titan

titan watches

We don’t need to give an introduction to this highly-reputed business tycoon of India. Titan is fulfilling the needs of our Indian men’s with their trendy watches. Whether it’s an official meeting or party, Titan is loaded with the best watches according to the latest trend.

Titan came into existence with the collaboration of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and Tata Group. Indians love this brand from 1894 due to the satisfaction and loving gesture received from their retail stores.

Even the Bollywood superstars are the brand ambassador of this brand and personally love Titan watches. Titan offers both budget-friendly and high-end wrist watches.

2) Casio

casio watches

The leading competitor of Titan is Casio, and their fierce competition will never come to an end. Casio is a Japanese company which manufactures other electronic products too. But, Casio watches are loved in the Indian market.

Casio is mostly known for its innovative and stylish wrist watches. Our youth mostly prefer Casio watches rather than other brands. In simpler words, Casio watches are blend of style and technology.

3) Citizen

Japanese wrist watches manufacturers are especially popular in the Indian market. Citizen is yet another Japanese wrist watch brand which is serving their customers across the globe since decades. Citizen watches are highly-advanced and durable compared to other brand’s watches.

The watches manufactured by Citizen are a perfect masterpiece for the technology lovers too. The sensors in Citizen watch works perfectly and extremely useful for the buyers. Subsequently, the stylish look of Citizen watches makes you look more appealing in the events and meetings.

4) Timex

It’s been years the Timex Group USA is manufacturing some classy yet powerful wrist watches for their lovers. In Indian market, the Timex high-end wrist watches are famous among our young generation.

The sophisticated Italian designs of Timex watches crafted by skilled craftsmen make each watch look like a masterpiece. The digital watches of this brand help them to keep an edge over their competitors.

Timex introduces each watch with Intelligent Quartz specially designed for watch lovers. Timex has different watches series suitable for trips, meetings, workouts and parties. If you need a perfect watch with all the features go for Timex wrist watches.

5) Tommy Hilfiger

When it comes to luxurious watches, the only name which comes in your mind is Tommy Hilfiger. This well-reputed brand has a wide range of watches suitable for different needs. Their unique wrist watches will make you look more attractive and sophisticated.

The straps, colour, and design of Tommy Hilfiger watches are classy and sturdy too. Even the women’s collection of Tommy Hilfiger watches is perfect compared to other brands. Your personality looks more appealing due to Tommy Hilfiger watches.

6) Fastrack

This brand is genuinely loved by youth across the world. In simpler words, our youth generation deeply adores the Fastrack watches. In India, Fastrack is dominating the market due to its funky and trendy masterpieces.

In current scenario, Fastrack is considered as the best watches brand of India. Indian young generation is fallen in love with this brand since 2008. Every kid and teen demand Fastrack watches to wear as daily accessories.

The technology and style of Fastrack watches aremaking a mark in the Indian market. Basically Fastrack is a youth-oriented brand focusing on kids and teens.

7) Rolex

 We cannot forget this brand to keep in our list due to their massive popularity across the globe. Rolex is a luxurious brand loved by top-notch businessman and working professionals. Rolex watches are preferred more in the International market compared to the Indian market.

But still, Rolex has a remarkable position in the Indian market. This Swiss luxury watchmaker came into existence in the year 1946. Since then it is one of the favourite brands of many watch lovers. Bollywood celebrities also prefer wearing and keeping a collection of Rolex watches.

Rolex watches are considered a high-end masterpiece in India. But still many watch lovers cannot afford Rolex watches due to high pricing.

8) Fossil

 Like Japanese, American watchmakers are also trying to make a mark in the Indian market. You’ll surely fall in love with the design and looks of the Fossil watches. If you want to become a sense of attraction, then purchase Fossil latest wrist watches.

Fossil watches are highly-advanced, and you are always updated with all the latest notifications and watches. The robust design and durable built material of Fossil watches are perfect if you are a heavy user.

The straps of Fossil watches will surely amaze you because you’ll surely feel comfortable while wearing such American masterpiece on your wrist.

9) Giordano

 This is one of the best emerging watch brands of India. The fan following of Giordano is also increasing day by day. If you need a luxurious watch within your watch, only choose Giordana. Watches by Giordana are fashionable yet budget-friendly too.

Giordana is a brand designed to fulfil the needs of a modern individual. This brand is powered with a wide range of watches suitable for parties, events, meetings and trips.

Giordana watches are known for their modern design and looks. Next time if you think of purchasing a luxurious watch, try Giordana once.

10) Sonata

Finally, in the end, we have to mention this brand on our list. Yes it’s Sonata which is already popular in the Indian market. No other international or national brand can beat Sonata watches when it comes to looks, price and durability. Indians mostly appreciate this brand for decades.

Sonata is the only brand which has kept customer satisfaction and needs as their priority. On the other hand, it’s the only brand which manufactures watches for every generation. Even the young generation also loves Sonata watches.

Sonata watches are perfect of Indian festivals, wedding and official meetings. Even there are different series which are meant for attracting young generation towards their watches.

Having a perfect watch with a classy wallet makes you perfect for all your official meetings. As you have seen the list of all the best Indian watches brands, you’ll surely love their products in the future.

I hope that this article is beneficial for you to choose a perfect watch according to your requirements.

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