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Canva Alternatives : 7 More Simple Graphic Design Tools

The Takeaway:

Canva changed the entire design things for every one of us and helped us create the visuals by using templates. Resizing of images for different platforms became our friend! And from then they have grown to have several users.  So if you are looking for the new approach, or even just a few new templates and interface options, graphic design apps I will feature here in the post are totally worth checking out and used by the best graphic design companies out there.

Canva Alternatives

In spite of all the amazing functions, Canva has some drawbacks like minimal editing capability for the uploaded images, no videos support, or inability to search for free images or illustrations. But, to overcome Canva lacks, you have to look for the top 7 Canva alternatives.

They have got everything from the poster maker plenty of templates and more. So, here is the list of 7 top Canva alternatives that will help you select the one, which suits your requirements.

For every Canva alternative, I will tell you more about this, and why you may want to get it over Canva if forced to use it. Thus, it was the right time to write the post for all of you! I have rounded up top 7 Canva alternatives, which have amazing features that you may like to use. Without wasting any time, let us start:

  1. Easil

Easil provides some highly advanced image editing features among Canva alternatives that provide various templates for different platforms as well as web content formats. And Easil allows the users to upload the brand assets as well as make their templates for team members and create their branded images, so users will be able to print the images from straight within a tool if required.

Easil provides users the exclusive stock images thus you may avoid making use of royalty-free images like everybody else on the internet, so you will be able to use Easil for making GIFs and static images. The tool is ideal for the best graphic design companies who often have to create reports for clients.

The best-quality templates will be resized and suit your requirements in the right way. The text effect tools will allow you to stay a bit creative with the text and help to make your images pop! The Easil Plus Plan allows you to save the custom color palettes, fonts, logos, as well as images with the Brand Kit.

  1. Stencil

Second, in our list is Stencil and it is the best graphic design tool, which can create social media images quickly and easily (and add images, email images, and marketing images). It is made to be the tool that you may access fast in the browser to make the fast image as well as post it, thus I have included this as the second Canva alternatives.

The primary features I like about the Stencil are a huge library of the quotes, which you may use to import in the image as well as create fresh content. I already have used these several times before while trying to plan out what to actually post for the images.  Quote, section has a good great search function so you may search by a person saying quote or quote keyword and phrase.

The Stencil’s selection of template is smaller than many other tools on the list of the Canva alternatives, however, for fast and simple posts, it is one basic selection for getting started immediately. Stencil has lesser templates to select from than many other options available on the list, thus if you want the template to start, then Stencil might not have many to select between.

I love that you may access many fonts with the Google Web Font and this has a solid selection of photos or images as well as design icons.  Thus, if you wished to go beyond designing a fast image, you can get a bit creative.

  1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a part of a suite of web, video, as well as image creation tools.  Not like their highly advanced Adobe cousins –InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop – this Adobe set products is simple to use.  However, with this comes a lot of automation as well as less creative control. But it stacks up really well as the best Canva alternatives for the DIY Design.

The Adobe Spark Post can be used to create visuals or images as well as is closest in the functionality to Canva for Adobe Spark products.  It is accessible on the desktop or mobile as well as this is an only tool from the selection I have used on the mobile than on the desktop over the past some years (primarily to access animation feature that is mobile-only).

However, you may create on mobile and desktop. So, here are some key features: It is available on web or mobile, the platform provides 3 mobile apps: the Spark Post to create social images, the Spark Page to design the web pages, as well as Spark Video to create the short videos within minutes. The mobile apps are easily available on Apple Store andGoogle Play. Adobe Spark provides a free plan, which allows you to use a few free templates.

  1. Snappa

Just like Canva and others, Snappa is one all-purpose amazing design tool, which simplifies the graphic design to make this accessible to a normal person. Fast to create images as per set dimensions and pre-built templates. After that, edit as well as add effects as required to create a perfect design.

And Snappa provides more than 200+ fonts as well as 3,000+ vectors or shapes to help the best graphic design companies to create a few stunning designs. What is actually good is you may schedule the images and post on social media without even leaving the Snappa interface.

Just like Canva or other alternatives, Snappa has the feature that allows you to automatically resize the images and convert between the different dimensions. And Snappa has a free plan, which allows giving downloads every month.

Then, you will have to go with a $10 a month plan. Snappa caps for free users over 5 per month, so free users cannot share the images over social media, thus if you would like to have the full access to your designs as well as to share the images on the social media straight from Snappa, the Pro subscription will be the best option.

  1. Piktochart

Piktochart is a tool that Canva will look like in case it was totally focused on the infographics or charts and graphs. Definitely it is the niche use; however, if you find yourself in a need to create the infographics and reports, Piktochart is the specialized tool for this job.

Piktochart includes many infographic templates and makes it very simple to create the infographic even though you have never done this before. Whereas Piktochart has the free plan, you actually have to go with a pro plan in case you wish to access the best templates or features.

Piktochart offers a free plan that as limited access to various templates, thus, if you anticipate doing plenty of infographic or chart creation with the tool, it will be worthwhile upgrading to a paid tier. With over 800 templates to select from, you may easily create the presentations, infographics, posters, as well as flyers for various purposes.

You will add animated icons, images, videos, and interactive charts for eye-catching designs, which you may just print and directly share on the internet.

  1. Venngage

Venngage boasts a wide range of the different templates for the users to select from. Between the social media images, postcards and cards, and presentations and reports, this is the best Canva alternative and best option for anybody with a wide range of visual design requirements.

Venngage creates plenty of educational content over the blog for sharing the best practices as well as new learnings with the audience that might help you to grow the DIY design skills further. Same to Piktochart, even Venngage’s use case will be for the data visualization as well as infographic content creation, thus users can find some limited templates in content formats with a lot of infographic templates you can select from. Venngage is costlier every month than other options on the list; however, paying annually helps to defray its cost.

  1. Crello

Last but not the least, one feature that actually sets Crello different from many Canva alternatives on the list is Animation Maker suite that offers the users animated templates as well as objects to use and bring engaging videos and images to life. The animated templates will include the formats for square and vertical video, Instagram andFacebook stories, as well as Facebook videos that can help to set the brand apart on the internet.

Crello has a large template or image library users will select from, which includes illustrations, with a lot of options for different web content formats or platforms. Crello begins free, but some important features like the Animation Maker are just available for the Pro subscribers.

Final Words

And that about wraps up the complete list of top alternatives for Canva! When I come across some great design tools, I will add in this list. However, for now, this is the list of 7 Canva alternatives that must give you new graphic design applications to play over with!

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