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Get a Dachshund Labrador Mix to Get Some Sunshine In Your Life!

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Everything you need to know about the Dachshund Labrador mixed breed by TheDogDigest.

Dog breeding has been around for centuries now. There are hundreds of different mixed breeds, all with unique traits, characteristics, health considerations, and requirements. Yet, the knowledge regarding all these breeds is quite limited. Even professional dog trainers are only knowledgeable about the dozen-or-so mixed breeds they’ve come across.

The lack of info and conflicting or incorrect information online is also quite problematic. When several sources recommend different exercises, list different health concerns, and advocate different grooming methods, it can be difficult deciding who to trust. This can be quite frustrating for mixed-breed dog owners who want to provide proper care to their canine and ensure it leads a happy and healthy life.

It’s arguably even more confusing for people who are looking to buy or adopt a mixed breed dog. How will you know which breed is the perfect fit for you? You’d have to spend weeks scouring the web in search of the information regarding all the different breeds you’re considering, which can be quite tiresome.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way to learn everything you need to know about different dog breeds and hybrids — all in one place. TheDogDigest is a website dedicated to puppies that aims to battle misinformation and provide current and future dog owners with all the necessary info about the man’s best friend.

They create in-depth, well-researched articles on over a hundred mixed breed dogs, that cover everything from the dog’s health, food, behavior, interaction, to proper grooming and exercises.

The Dachshund Labrador mix

all about the Dachshund lab mix

One particularly interesting dog hybrid is the Dachshund Labrador mix. This mixed breed is quite unusual since its parents, the Dachshund — short and elongated wiener dog — and the Labrador retriever, differ greatly in their appearance.

As a result, no two Dachshund Lab hybrids are the same. Their physique will depend on both parents, and every Dachshund Lab will be distinct and unique. If the puppy takes after it’s Labrador parent, it will have a medium build. However, if the DNA of the Dachshund parent is stronger, the Dachshund Lab will have a smaller and longer body. It’s not uncommon for the hybrid to take after both parents equally, which results in a medium-built, longer body.

The great thing about this mixed breed is that it inherits the traits of both Dachshunds and Labradors. So keep in mind that they’ll have both the traits of a hunting and a rescuing dog. That said, Dachshund Labs are quite affectionate and playful. This makes them a great fit for families who are looking for a loyal, adorable new member.

There are a few considerations when deciding whether to buy or adopt a Dachshund Lab. TheDogDigest shares that the Dachshund Lab mix requires special potty training. Although this is a common problem with most pets, Dachshunds can be pretty stubborn when it comes to potty training, and this will likely reflect in the mixed breed as well.

If you’re planning on taking care of a Dachshund Lab mix, note that you will have to be persistent and consistently potty train the puppy at a young age. This will help avoid future problems, as, without proper potty training, they will often dig in your yard or even make a mess in your home.

Another thing to be aware of is that Dachshund Labs can be somewhat aggressive. This shouldn’t be particularly surprising, given that Dachshunds are hunting dogs. They can bark loudly at a young age, and exhibit aggressiveness towards smaller animals. To avoid this, TheDogDigest recommends socializing your Dachshund Lab while it’s still a puppy.

Why choose Dachshund Labs over other mixed breeds?

Labradors are known for their loyalty, while Dachshunds are ideal hunting partners. Mixed together, they make an amazing, super protective hybrid. You can train them to be aggressive towards other animals or people that might be a threat to your family. Granted, their loud bark can be somewhat annoying, but you can rest assured that your home will be protected from all intruders.

As an affectionate breed, Dachshund Labs hate being left alone. They would much rather follow you on your adventures. If you’re an active person, your Dachshund Labs will enjoy spending the time with you outdoors and will be a great adventuring buddy!

The Dachshund Lab is also a great choice for families with small children. Both of its parents are kind and affectionate, so the hybrid tends to be quite gentle and protective of kids. And, as we mentioned, due to their adventurous spirit, Dachshund Labs will enjoy playing with kids of all ages.

Learn more about Dachshund Labs at TheDogDigest

If the Dachshund Lab sounds like a perfect mixed breed dog for you, head on over to TheDogDigest and learn everything about this fascinating canine. Their article contains a wealth of information regarding this hybrid, including how to properly groom it, train it, exercise it, and keep it healthy.

There are hundreds of other extremely useful articles dog lovers will definitely enjoy, so hop on over to TheDogDigest and learn all about your favorite breed!

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