Like hieroglyphics, emojis tell messages using symbols. This allowed people to communicate better, without the language barrier. With only just an image, the recipient can distinguish the meaning being conveyed. More and more can become flexible and confident to connect with others with this modern take on imagery. 

Of all the emojis created today, some are not often used by many. Some are actually overused and are often seen on social media platforms. It might be because of the function or definition of a certain emoji if it is widely utilized in certain contents. 

So, let us have a look at these emojis that are not only identified common to most users but also deliver extreme emotions and messages they find so hard to convey.

1. Eyes Emoji

The eyes emoji is the most convincing emoji to look at, literally. Why? Aside from its vague symbolism of looking at something, it’s also conveyed on a much deeper scale. If you send someone this emoji, he or she might have a hint that you probably know something. Or if, in other cases, the recipient might think you are having mistrust with that person regarding a certain topic. 

Aside from its literal meaning as if looking at something or someone, people also use this to express that something controversial is going on like a hot new scoop on an issue or a recent event that’s getting people’s attention. If gossiping is your thing, then this might be the best emoji to use. 

2. Middle Finger Emoji

On so many levels, this emoji can only mean one thing – go screw yourself. It can symbolize a happy, sad, angry or excited emotion that you want to put out. And so, this is more of a creative way to deal with these emotions straightforwardly. Therefore it tells a lot about strong emotions you don’t want to bottle up because it encases almost everything. 

If you are also fuzzing around with your friends in your group chat, you can use this as a default response. This can look funny, but it will surely reverberate emotions around your circle even more. Instead of saying the words in a literal sense, you can just press it and voila! A hundred words put into one single emoji. 

3. Face with Symbols on Mouth Emoji

It tempts you to swear on social media. However, you cannot just use the angry emoji or the angrier one with the red face. This, of all options, might be the one you are looking for. Topped off with symbols that cover up bad words, you can never go wrong in expressing at your maddest. And come to think of it, you need not swear with words to let off some steam. Just press the face with symbols on mouth emoji. How easy is that?

4. Heart Emoji (All Colors)

In expressing love, this emoji can be the best to opt for. Each color of the heart shown in the emoji selection can mean different, yet strong messages of love and care. For starters, using the red heart can mean eros or romantic love. You can express love for friends with a yellow heart, and the list goes on. You can also assign different meanings with each color as you please. 

5. Love You Gesture Emoji

Just like the heart emojis, you can also express love with just one gesture. And we are not talking about two curved hands forming a heart – it is all found in one hand gesture. The “love you” gesture is one of the most common gestures that deaf and mute people use. This binds them to communicate with one another, showing affection on a whole new perspective.

In recent years, newer emojis have been added. Some of these emojis tend to look useless, if not noticed. But there are ones that have the same function and value as of the love you gesture emoji. These would include the handicap emojis and the LGBT flag emoji. 

6. Crying Face Emoji

There are certain types of crying or sad emojis in the selection, and it looks chronological. But of all these miserable emojis, the crying face emoji is in its most intense form. With tears falling like waterfalls, it depicts an extreme form of grief. 

Although, some people use this emoji to express that something is so adorable or heart-warming. This might be when they see pets being cute with their owners, or fortunate people doing their best to help the needy. Aside from sadness, this can also be used in portraying extreme happiness. 

7. Tongue Emoji

The tongue emoji is used for the most obvious emotion and that’s to say that the food is delicious. Whether you’ve just finished a five-star meal or your home-cooking just hits the spot, this is the emoji to best describe your satisfying emotion and the look on your face after getting a full belly. 

On the other hand, if you are getting kinky with your partner, this lone emoji is a great help. Unlike the other emojis which had facial expressions and other elements, this is just a mere representation of craving. Or, it can be something that can be used when something, or “someone” can be very good to “taste”, if you know what we mean. 


Have your complete guide to emojis to identify your level of emotion or the strength of your message. Some emojis may have ascended mutual symbols that can be found next to them. You can also use these to manifest your expression about anything to make you more comfortable. 

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