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Top 10 FMCG Companies in India 2020

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Fast Moving Consumer Good Companies (FMCGs) are the solution to India’s quickly developing necessities for products and ventures for basic amenities.  Most of the populace relies upon FMCG organizations to fulfil such fundamental needs. FMCG items are those who rush to be acquired, are high in volume, however low in cost. Family unit things, over the counter medications, food, skin cares, and stationery and shopper gadgets are a few models.

The following are the Top 10 Best FMCGs in India, based on their popularity and revenues. Above-mentioned Organizations are the best FMCGs due to the high standards of their continuous contribution to innovation in manufacturing, packaging, and quality of products.

Top 10 FMCG Companies in India 2020

List of Top 10 FMCG Leading Companies in India

1.Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Net Income: 4 Billion Dollars

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

HUL, one of the world’s driving providers of nourishment, homecare, and individual hygiene items with more than 35 brands crosswise over 20 classes, for example, cleansers, cleanser, skincare, beauty care products, tea, toothpaste and some well-known names incorporate Surf Excel, Dove, Lux, Lifebuoy, Clinic Plus, Wheel, Sunsilk, Knorr and so on.

2.Colgate-Palmolive (Colgate world of Care)

Headquarter: New York, USA

Net Income: 17.08 Billion Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin

Colgate-Palmolive, a global leader in personal healthcare products, believes in caring, worldwide cooperation, and steady improvement makes them a renowned name. The brands provide Colgate Toothpaste, Colgate Plax Active Salt Mouthwash, Shampoo, and Protex Soap.

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3.ITC Limited

Headquarter: Kolkata, West Bengal

Net Income: 7.0 Billion Dollars

Social Media Links:  Twitter

Begin in Calcutta (1910), ITC Limited has prospered into a premium brand, which with a multi-business portfolio that incorporates FMCG, paperboards, and claim to speciality papers, agri-business, and data innovation. Items provided by the brand include soaps, incense sticks, apparel, cigarettes and cigars, safety matches and food. The company marketing shows that they have a better understanding of the Indian consumer psyche. Some of their labels include old Flake, Classic, Navy Cut, Bingo, Sunfeast, Aashirvaad, Fiama, Vivel, Wills Lifestyle, Papercraft and Classmate.

4.Nestlé (Good Food, Good Life)

Headquarter: Vevey, Switzerland

Net Income: 87.0 Billion Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+

Nestle India Settle India goes back to 1912 when it started working as the Nestle Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. They take into account the dietary and health necessities of Indian purchasers, and the well-known names incorporate Nescafe, Maggi, Milky Bar, Kit Kat, Bar One, Milkmaid, Nestea, Nestlé Milk, Nestlé Slim Milk, Nestle Dahi, and Nestle Jeera Raita. Settle has genuinely risen as the biggest maker of nourishment things internationally.

5.Parle Agro

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Net Income: 1 Billion dollar (Approx)

Social Media Links:  Twitter, Google+

Parle Agro is one of the largest beverage companies. Well- known items include Frooti Fizz, Appy Fizz, Appy, Bailey, Bailey Soda, Dhishoom, Frooti, and Frio. Parle Agro venture beverages, packaged drinking water, and PET Preforms. Parle Agro drinks, has accomplished a milestone stature in the business, and they are en route to turning into India’s first worldwide mammoth in the nourishment and refreshment division.

6.Britannia Industries Limited (Eat Healthy, Think Better)

Headquarter: Kolkata, WB

Net Income: 730 Million Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Britannia Industries is one of the oldest food-producing companies in the country with more than a hundred years of legacy that include Good Day, Tiger, Milk Bikis, Marie Gold, Cake, Yoghurt, Cheese, Milk.  Commitment to health and taste makes Britannia one of the best FMCGs in the country.  It is India’s first Zero Trans Fat Company.

7.Marico Limited (Make a difference)

Headquarter: Bandra, Maharastra

Net Income: 61 Billion Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

Marico has different brands in men’s preparing, texture care, edible oils, healthy skin, hair care, and health nourishments. Marico’s provides Parachute, Parachute Advanced, Saffola, Hair & Care, Nihar, Nihar Naturals, Livon, Set Wet, Mediker. International products include brands such as Parachute, HairCode, Fiancée, Hercules, Black Chic, Isoplus, Code 10, Ingwe, X-Men, and Thuan Phat.

8.Procter and Gamble (Touching Lives Improving Lives”)

Headquarter: Cincinnati, USA

Net Income: 83 Billion Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter

P&G is a reputed customer product organization in the nation. It operates under three entities in India – Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Gillette India Limited serve 650 million consumers. The products are personal hygiene, childcare, health and wellbeing, and household use.  Some of the famous products are Vicks, Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Ambipur, Pampers, Pantene, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Wella, and Duracell,

9.Godrej Group (Brighter  Living)

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Net Income: 4 Billion Dollar

Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Godrej has Indian, Indonesian, Sub Saharan, and Latin American markets where their merchandise, particularly family unit things, personal wash, and hair care items, are sought after.  Good Night, Godrej Expert, Cinthol, Hit, Protekt, Godrej Aer, Frika, Soft and Gentle, illicit Colour, Cuticura, and Ezee are some of their best brands. Godrej is also a leading player in India as one of the prime manufacturers of hand sanitizers and female deodorants.

10.Amul (The Taste of India)

Headquarter: Anand, Gujarat

Net Income: 2.15 Billion Dollar

Social Media Networking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Amul is a necessary part of India’s financial legacy. Amul started in 1946 as a reaction to abuse endured by the locals because of the inclusion of the intermediaries. Residents of Gujarat formed the Kaira District Co-employable Milk Producers Union Ltd under the direction of Vallabhai Patel, Morarji Desai, and Tribhuvandas Patel.

This cooperative started with only two town dairy cooperative known by Amul Dairy.

Popular Amul products include milk; bread spread types, cheese types, milk-based beverages, paneer, curd, milk powder, chocolates, lactose-free milk, etc. Amul is an incredibly reliable brand in the dairy and consumer items industry. In addition, the trust factor makes it a standout amongst other FMCGs.


India is a developing country with continually improving ways of life. In this circumstance, the job of FMCGs is of prime significance as providers of organic products and enterprises. These organizations recorded above are the best FMCGs in the business because of their exclusive expectations of assembling, item quality, packaging, and steady advancement in Advertisement. These best FMCGs have made a spot for themselves in profoundly competitive markets because of their predominant items and a tradition of keeping buyers happy.

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