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Most Trouble-Free Ways to Check Your Internet Speed

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Most Trouble-Free Ways to Check Your Internet Speed:

Today’s Internet of commonly called the “Net” is a global structure. It helps us gather and share data from any other place around the globe. It is widely used for business, education, and even personal purposes. With its help, anyone can send and receive files with just a click make communicating so much easier for everyone.

It is no longer a surprise that without the Internet, the world would never be as advanced as it is today. Although there are very few numbers of people who consider themselves as non-dependent to the Internet, the majority of the people you’d ask would say that it has been one of the most helpful technology men ever discovered. But how do we check if we have a decent speed? You can check out this article that will guide you on how to check your internet speed.

WiFi’s Mobile Broadband

There may be many ways on how to check your internet speed, but for individuals who have a provider for mobile broadband, checking your internet speed this way easier and could help you save your energy. Some people would prefer to check their internet through this as it provides additional necessary information compared to other tools.

If you want to give a try checking your internet speed on your end, you may try to look for your Internet Protocol address. Type it into whichever browser you’d prefer, may it be Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. Once you placed your IP address, it should load after a few seconds, and you should see your broadband’s download and upload speed, signal status, and other vital details.

Checking On Your Video Game Console

For those who are unfamiliar with what console is, it is a device that is mainly created for playing games that need to be connected to a television. One of the best examples of this is your Xbox at home. The console could also be a feature that lets users access any extra features.

To check your internet, you may use the controller and click on the Xbox button. Look for your console’s Network setting option and click on the “Detailed Network Statistics.” It will only take a couple of seconds to give you the information you needed.

Windows Task Manager

Another way to know your internet speed is by checking your Windows Task Manager or now commonly called Task Manager. This provides specifics about the processes and programs running on one’s computer. Users will also be able to see the programs running and the ones that are no longer responding.

If you are using an operating system of Windows 7 and above, you may check your net speed by right-clicking your windows taskbar and hit “Task Manager.” Once it appears, hit on “Performance,” and you should see your PC’s status. Choose Ethernet/WiFi, and it will show you your download and upload speed.

Internet and Network Setting

Good News for Windows 10 users as the new version is available for their “Network and Internet Settings”. Now includes manual and automatic proxy setup, airplane mode, mobile hotspot, and many more. If you also wish to restore Networking Components and the re-establish Network adapters, you may do so by clicking on the Network Reset button.

The first step you may want to do is look for the button that shows a wired monitor on the right side at the bottom of your screen. Right-click and hit “Open Network and Internet Settings.” That will route you to the Internet Settings Menu where you can see your IP Address and other important things. If you see the “Ethernet,” click it, and it should allow you to see the necessary internet information.


In general, the internet is used to access any relevant information. To communicate across the world, whether from a small or large distances in the form of e-mail. Social media, instant messaging, and even video calls. We also should not forget how it has been beneficial in disseminating important news.

Only a small number of internet users regularly check their internet speed as they somehow find out time-consuming, but that is certainly not true. It will only take a few moments for us to know the speed of our internet. It’s not enough to have access to the internet. You also need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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