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3 Great Games Introverts Can Play

The Takeaway:

Games often require working and relating with other people, which is one of the worse sentences that you can give to an introvert. Have you been asked to go on the Algarve Golf Holidays by a friend or you want to try sports? You might soon find that it is a daunting task.

However, this fact does not mean you cannot enjoy games at all. All you have to do is to look for sports suitable for introverts. Well, we love competition ourselves, so we have found some games that introverts can play without going far out of their comfort zone.

Top Three Games for Introverts

Are you interested in sports but do not care so much for teammate and socialization while playing? Here are three games that you would love;


In poker, the closest thing you get in the resemblance of a teammate is your cards. You can play an entire game of poker without having to say more than a few words. You might benefit from your shy nature with this game.

It is easy to bluff when you are quiet and hardly shows any emotion. The blank face is usually a cakewalk for introverts, which means you can win at this game while having fun. All you have to do to bluff is to keep your emotions in check and give your opponents nothing.

All you have to do is be yourself to win a poker game. Poker games are also perfect for introverts because you can play it online if you don’t want to relate to any players.


Single-player sports like golf are the best games for introverts who do not want to mingle at all. You can still get the satisfaction, adrenaline, and push that participating in sports give without doing more than what makes you comfortable.

Golf is the best of the best of single sports for introverts as you can learn to play and play it entirely on your own. You do not need a teammate or coach, especially when you have the right equipment.

Golf also helps to reduce stress levels and boosts your creativity. Most golf courses are around trees and manicured hedges. Studies have shown that proximity to places with such features have the psychological benefit of reducing pulse rate and cortisol levels. Cortisol is a primary stress hormone.

You can also have fun while playing the game on a course or online. More than 60 million people play golf regularly around the world, which indicates how fun the sport is.

Football Manager

An active imagination and introspection is a characteristic of introverts. A game like Football Manager helps them put this skill to use. Football Manager is a soccer simulation game where you can control every aspect of the football game.

You get to choose who leads offensive coaching, strategy to use in playing, how fit your players are, and so on. This feature in the game makes you question every decision and use your imagination when making decisions. You might also require creativity in your backstory.

If you find yourself suffering from over imagination and introspection, you can channel it into this game. However, be careful as the game can become addicting.


The fact that you are an introvert does not mean that you cannot enjoy sports. It is all about finding the right games. The next time you feel like enjoying the thrills and pleasure of sports, you can try any of the three games we talked about above.

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