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Guide For Students Traveling to Ukraine

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Guide For Students Traveling to Ukraine

It is a great decision to study MBBS in Ukraine. Medical students get numerous opportunities for their future if the state is studying MBBS in Ukraine. There is a list of things that a student needs to know before traveling to Ukraine to pursue their study there. This list also includes a travel guide for students where they can go and explore a new country. Basically Ukraine is a huge country amid of European Union and Russia. There is a war situation in the east still  Ukraine is not considered a safe country to travel.

Travel Guide for students who are going to study MBBS in Ukraine

Students traveling to Ukraine in order to pursue their MBBS in Ukraine should choose to travel through a direct flight from Delhi to Kyiv. Connecting flights are not comfortable to travel in and if you get a direct flight then what’s better than that. Choose an easy cum comfortable direct flight. Currently, there are many numbers of International flights operated by Air Arabic, Air Astana, Ukraine International Airlines, Lufthansa, Fly Dubai, and some more frequently moving between Delhi and Ukraine.

The total aerial distance between Delhi and Kyiv is 4,565 km. If you want to travel to any other part of the country, all you need to do is take an international flight from Delhi to Ukraine. Once you reach Kyiv international airport you can then move to any part of the country. There are two international airports in Kyiv that are Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International airport, Zhuliany (IEV) and Boryspil International airport (KBP). Ukraine’s standard time is UTC/GMT + 03:00. Ukraine’s standard time is two hours behind then Indian standard time. Given below is a traveling guide for students who come to Ukraine in order to study MBBS in Ukraine.

  1. Language Used In Ukraine:

 Ukraine’s official language is Ukrainian. Some people in Ukraine speak Russian in the eastern and southern parts of the country. Whereas in the west of Ukraine more people speak Ukrainian.

  1. Ukrainian or Russian:

The majority of people think that there is no difference between Ukrainian or Russian language. But that’s not true Ukrainian and Russian are two different languages. It might sound similar to untrained ears. Russian is a popular language in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but the majority of the population of Ukraine speaks the Ukrainian language.

If you are planning to travel to Ukraine to do your MBBS in Ukraine you need to learn Ukrainian. Although your education is in the English language, natives of Ukraine speak Ukrainian. If you feel comfortable speaking Russian then this might also help you to travel easily to Ukraine.

  1. Alphabet:

Ukraine uses the Cyrillic Alphabet, so it is highly recommended to students traveling to do MBBS in Ukraine to learn the alphabet.

  1. Do people speak English in Ukraine:

English is an international language is spoken everywhere in the world. In Ukraine, English is spoken more by young people. There are many people who know and understand English but they don’t use it out of shyness. You will find it difficult to come across people who speak English especially in small towns and villages but in developed cities, English speaking people can be found easily.

  1. Culture in Ukraine:

Ukraine has a diverse and vibrant culture. A native of Ukraine proudly presents their culture to people who come from different countries. They have their own ethnic embroidered outfits, folk art, musical instruments, literary achievements. All of these represent a rich Ukrainian cultural heritage. On public holidays, you will find people wearing their traditional clothes.

Students who went to do MBBS in Russia will get to know a different culture. Ukrainian culture is incredibly colorful and their craft skills are exceptional. Not just for women but there are different Ukrainian ethnic clothes for men also. During summers while walking on the road students will find musicians on the streets playing modern and traditional instruments.

  1. Hospitality in Ukraine:

Ukrainians warmly welcome everyone in their country. Their hospitality can be found in their small gestures like they will tell you if your wallet will be about to fall or they will stop the closing metro door etc. Ukrainian people make you feel comfortable and they also have an Aura to make people trust them.

If a student finds it difficult the right way to the destination and the person doesn’t understand English and you are unable to speak proper Ukrainian then native of Ukraine will either take you to the person who understands English language or if he understands your broken Ukrainian he will hold your hand and show you the right way and very small things you can feel their hospitality of Ukrainian people.

  1. Religion in Ukraine:

So far the largest religion followed in Ukraine is Orthodox Christianity. In Ukraine, there are Muslims and Jewish people in the minority that are scattered in different parts of the country. In the capital of Ukraine i.e. Kyiv you will find devotees of Hare Krishna in summers.

Young people of Ukraine are not so serious about their religion. If you talk to them about religion more often they will confess that they believe in God and Spirituality but they don’t regularly practice it. In rural parts and small towns of Ukraine religion still plays a huge role in people’s lives on a daily basis.

  1. Food in Ukraine:

Unlike every country, Ukraine also has its own food cuisine. Their food industry is quite diverse. You will find Slavic Potato, vegetables and meat staples everywhere. Because of the diverse culture and diversity of food, you can find every cuisine in Ukraine. Students who come from abroad will not find any difficulty in getting their native cuisine in Ukraine.

Traveling to Ukraine for students who decide to do MBBS in Ukraine is not difficult. Definitely going to different countries and adapting their environment, culture and legal practices are difficult. But Ukraine is one such country where you won’t be having any difficulty on the part of a country as a whole to adjust. Ukrainian people are so loving that at times they will make you feel like home.

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