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How are E-commerce businesses coping up with COVID-19

The Takeaway:

About the impact on e-commerce, we can not say that the sector has a full effect like the others. Online sales are a success, but they're not down wholly.

6 ways E-commerce businesses are coping with COVID-19:

1. Sanitization

This includes shipping centers, stocks, warehouses, and all the workspace from which your company works. Given the industry’s broad geographical capabilities, sanitation is a top priority for all, especially those involved in e-commerce work from home internships.

Some sanitary precautions to ensure safety can be taken here:

  • All warehouse personnel are regularly screened
  • Frequent warehouse sanitation
  • Limit the number of people working and keep a social distance
  • Heavy caution when these locations are entered and exited;
  • an emergency telephone line for the hospital or police station
  • Keeping all visitors’ register


2. Contactless Delivery

Following the 21-day national lockout, many e-commerce and hyperlocal vendors opted for contactless deliveries. With this program, consumers will ask the retailer to leave their shipments so they can retrieve them in a safe place.

During such difficult times, this step is especially important as the spread of coronavirus is hard to predict. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the Indian fight for COVID could either smash the global war by shutting down 1.3 billion people.


3. Train your employees

In these test times, Ignorance is perhaps the greatest threat to society. To combat this effect, everyone must be well informed about job websites.

Government officials have adopted different procedures for training and awareness to stay safe. This includes training on washing your hands, wearing a mask, staying away from polluted objects, providing contact-free supplies, etc. This includes training.


4. Employee’s health is the priority

During these difficult times, it is essential not for every worker, provider, physician, healthcare practitioner, and healthcare worker to be underestimated. Check for insurance,why should you be hired for this internship, extra hour incentives, and family cover for your employees too.

The government also allocated INR 1.7 lakh crore as an allowance for regular and mobile workers nationally from 28 March 2020. This only shows that everyone’s safety during this crisis is given the necessary level of attention.


5. Keep customer support supreme

The level of chaos is not negated because of this intense national lockdown. This was mainly due to public confusion about the availability of medical and essential products.

Ensure customer support is available 24 hours a day to ensure customer satisfaction and general customer peace. Customer service at any time should provide continuous contact between customer and seller.


6. Transparency

The monitoring facility is a bright light during the chaos of distribution. Live tracking status updating the customer can reduce confusion regarding the order status significantly.

Ensure that every stage is notified to the customer – confirmation of the order, merchant details, status of delivery, refund state, etc.



While there is no definite ETA when this crisis ends, people across the globe coming together to fight this deadly pandemic is heartwarming.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a Commerce graduate who aims at enlightening people through her writings. Apart from being a content writer, she loves to chit-chat and binge-watch.

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