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How to get a startup job in India in 2020?

The Takeaway:

India is home to the third-largest technologically driven startups globally, a recent study has revealed. Not only that, nowadays, we can see an ever-emerging rise in startup jobs in India.

India is home to the third-largest technologically driven startups globally, a recent study has revealed. Not only that, nowadays, we can see an ever-emerging rise in startup jobs in India. People are no longer enclosed in the boundaries of a certain set of norms by the society that only 9-5 jobs will lead you to the path of success.

Working in 9-5 jobs is also okay, but you can’t see your career growth graph growing linearly. These jobs require you to hustle constantly, but you really can’t see any growth in the overall aspects as these jobs don’t show you near experience. 

While working in a startup, you will be put to new circumstances daily, and there will be full transparency.

In this article, we will discuss the steps that will help you land up a good startup job in India.


How to get a startup job in India in no time!

Here are some steps that will help you to land a good startup job in India easily.

1. Connect with people, make a network

Most entrepreneurs do not have the time or funds to hire strategically. In most cases, they contact or request around their open positions. So if you want a good startup, you need to make sure you go to the right circles.

Go to events or workshops where a fast-growing startup participates in promoting their product and finding time with the speaker after his talk. Follow this interaction with the email related to the topic being discussed.

Don’t be shy about making contacts through friends and family. A recommendation is the best way to be hired by an entrepreneur.

At first, all of this may seem like a long shot. But in the end, your plans will bear fruit.


2. Look on online job portals

Visiting a job listing website can give you a sense of the market and bring your notice opportunities. A service like KillerLaunch, for example, has simplified the search process by creating a Make India Work platform for employers and potential candidates.

There are many other job portals in India as well.


3. Talk to the startup owners directly

Blogs are always talking about startups that have raised money. That information is important to you as those companies will soon be hiring you and doing different jobs. If you find something you like, contact the founder or CEO directly. 

Connect with them on Twitter. Send them an email about why you might be better suited for the company. Startups are always looking for interested employees, so if you do well. You may have an “in” future opener.


4. Upgrade your social media

Posting a resume will not be enough to give you the desired startup activity. It would help if you built a strong online presence for that. The first thing a business owner using your app will do with your Google name to see what comes up. Make sure you have online strategies that show your skills and show how you can make a difference in the beginning. Do it by blogging with your ideas or sharing your online portfolio online.

If you believe you are limited to a startup activity, don’t stop looking until you walk in your door.

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