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Indian Overseas Bank – Internet Banking Registration

The Takeaway:

IOB or the Indian Overseas Bank is a Government of India owned public sector bank based in Chennai, India. Headquartered in Chennai, Indian Overseas Bank has six foreign branches with representative offices for each.

Indian Overseas Bank offers banking in the mode of Online as well as Offline Banking Systems. For the Offline Banking Service, a user will have to visit the branch office of the bank of his/her respective town, city or village. For Online banking Service, a decent internet connection with a secure web browser and a Bank account will do most, if not all, parts.

Iob internet banking

IOB Internet banking registration Online

Here we shall learn how to register for Net Banking on Indian Overseas Bank.

The very first step is to visit the official website of the IOB. Here we see eight options:

  • Personal Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • NRI Accounts
  • Rural
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Tenders
  • Update Aadhaar

Out of all the eight options, we have to select the “Internet Banking” option. This is the option we are here for. IOB net banking.

Do not confuse with Mobile Banking; these two are not the same.

Then, a page opens, where we see some “Customer Awareness Tips” and a link to “Continue to login” with our services.

Also, we can see a box on the top right corner of our page, which asks us to select a language. This option has nothing to do with our work because it is there only for easy reading to those who understand their regional languages more than the English Language.

Click on “Continue to login”, to continue to the next page where we can register for the Internet Banking option for Indian Overseas Bank. Here we see a red-colored box, which has four main links:

Here we have to select on the “Register” under the “Personal Banking” option because the “Corporate Banking” option is not for regular users.

After that, we can see a new page opens called the “Individual Registration” page allows an individual to register for anInternet Banking facility of Indian Overseas Bank. On this page, a user can see “Login ID is mandatory” message on the top of the form. Login ID can be anything, but that should not be easily forgettable. A user can set his Login ID on his own. Further, we have to enter a password with the following mandatory rules:

“The password should not be the same as the Customer-ID. The password length has to be 6-16 characters long and must contain at least two alphabets, one numeric character, and one unique character. The first character of the password has to be an alphabet and should be in Block letter”.

Any option that has a [*] mark is mandatory.

Also, understand that we can enter a specific detail only after the previously asked detail has been entered. If we fail to answer the details asked mandatorily, we may not be allowed to access the facility that comes next. Here we need to fill up the following details before moving on to the next page:

  • User Particulars:
  • Login ID*
  • Password*
  • Confirm Password*
  • Personal Particulars:
  • Salutation (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr)
  • First Name*
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name*
  • Contact Particulars:
  • Resident Status* (Indian/Non-Indian)
  • Country*
  • Email ID*
  • Mobile Number* (with(out) country code)
  • Account Particulars: (only available for Individual Registration)
  • 15 Digit Account Number*
  • Nick Name*
  • Fund Transfer*

Then we have to “Enter text as shown in the image” in the box, before proceeding further. This works the same as CAPTCHA. Then click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page. A new window appears called “Registration Details” which has all the details we have entered on the page, appears. We can correct any wrong information provided.

A PDF (Portable Document File) appears before us, which we have to download and print. Printing the document is necessary. After printing, visit the home branch of Indian Overseas Bank in your city, town or village, and submit the file in the bank. The bank will review the “Online Registration and Activation Process” processed by the user and will review the document submitted by the user.

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The Indian Overseas Bank may take 7-14 days before proceeding with the “Account Verification Process”, and once the account is verified, the Internet Banking account for Indian Overseas Bank of the user will be activated.

The user will get an EMAIL after the Indian Overseas Bank has verified the activity.

The user can also check the status of the registration process of the “Internet Banking” facility online, by visiting the home page of the Indian Overseas Bank and then by clicking on the “Internet banking” option. This step is followed by clicking on the option “Personal Banking”, and the user can enter the “Login details” to check the status of the activation. Meanwhile, the activity is reviewed by the Indian Overseas Bank headquarters.

You can request to get a “Fund Transfer PIN” for Transferring Funds if in case needed. The PIN will be sent to you by the mode of EMAIL.

Congrats! Now, you can use the “Internet Banking” facility by the Indian Overseas Bank with ease.

“Please take note that, any EMAILS or messages received from the Indian Overseas Bank for Internet Banking Registration purposes or anything else, are highly confidential. Neither Indian Overseas Bank nor we appreciate you disclosing the messages to anyone even if they ask for it.”

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