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Is the Vastu Shastra really important for a living?

The Takeaway:

For your building to be a place of prosperity, it definitely should radiate some good energy to attract good energy. And here is Vastu-Shastra helping you in achieving that.

What is Vastu Shastra?

An ancient Indian way of architecture in which designs integrate with nature, different parts of building structure, and traditional beliefs which uses yantra-geometric patterns, directional alignments, and symmetry. Vastu Shastra is ancient teaching around 5000 years old which has originated from Indian Civilization.”Vastu” is a Sanskrit word which means the foundation of house or site, and “Shastra” refers to science or teaching. Together the word implies “Science of Construction”.

Vastu Shastra is related to the scientific theories linked with the architecture of a building. The theory tells about how a building plan should be formed so that all the positive energies like fire energy, water energy, earth energy, lunar energy, and solar energy channelize through the building to keep the surroundings positive and healthy. VastuConsultants speak out about it that’s this Shastra is not only restricted to the design of houses but also the theory is implied to the construction of offices, hospitals, malls, colleges, theatres, and every other building site.

Depending on varied topographic conditions and beliefs, every country, state, and city have their own set of Vastu Rules implied to their buildings. Vastu_Shastra is not just beliefs but it is an Art of Architecture based on proper alignment and orientation of the particular building.

How important Vastu Shastra is for a living?

Vastu-Shastra has become one of the pivotal parts of designing our buildings in India and now even across the globe. Vastu Shastra is not essential for living but strongly recommended for a blissful life. Vedic Shastra uses proven science for constructing a building, it does the mathematic calculations of the direction attributes of a location where new construction has to be done. Even the smallest things such an entrance area to house, ideal room position, kitchen place in a house, everything is decided according to Vastu principles. All these things influence and attribute to a major contribution to the well-being of people who live in that Vastu compliant house.

However, few people don’t believe in Vastu, which is fine, because everyone has his/her own beliefs and faith. Vastu Shastra is a well-observed science, which people have experienced, that’s why they show so much believes in Vastu.

Vastu principles are based on science, let’s understand with an example. According to Vastu-Shastra the kitchen area of a house should not face South-east direction, the reason being the wind coming from the south-west direction, can cause a fire accident.

So behind every direction set by Vastu has some scientific reason. Not just the direction values, it calculates more things such as degree of wind, sunshine, rainfall, sunset to construct the house or a building. Vastu is nothing but a smart set of rules and principles of directions that help humans to live a better life. It isn’t just vague values crafted by humans but it involves huge scientific theories applied by our ancient humans. We are not saying Vastu-Shastra is necessary for living but it does have several benefits that can help you lead a blissful life.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

If you see Vastu-Shastra as a consequence of religions then the answer is a big NO. It is far beyond that.

When a building is constructed with Vastu principles, the energy flows through the building in a way that it should be, without any fault. The principle of Vastu combines the nature and cosmos element to balance them with humans and material and it affects the person in a physical, spiritual and psychological way.

  1. If we talk about physical benefits then Vastu principles use in a home provides good health, harmony, and comfort to the people living in that home. It provides a sense of fulfillment, and of course, a proper managed ventilation, design, and a perfect blend of the soothing color of the building.
  2. Physiological benefits include the person’s well being and the healthy relationship among members which in turn results in fewer worries and stress that automatically improves mental health.
  3. Spiritual Benefits: Undoubtedly Vastu brings out the spiritual side of a person. The Vastu principles offer an inner satisfaction to the person living in the Vastu complied house. When things around a person go all right the person becomes spiritually stronger, and his/her believes get stronger. The harmony he gets from the place where he/she is living to bring utmost satisfaction and inner peace.
  4. Blossoms Happiness:

This is very correct that the major source of bringing happiness in your life is YOU only. But sometimes external factors can affect your vibes. So by consulting someone and getting some Vastu Tips for your houses or workplace can start changing your vibes and reconnect your energy with joy and happiness.

Vastu is an amalgamated theory of science and arts both mixed with nature and other cosmos elements to make a design to live in harmony and peace. Here are some tips which adults can apply in there life:

  • Adults should try to sleep with their heads in South
  • Children should try to sleep towards East
  • Do not block North Zone of the building, as it blocks prosperous vibes
  • Use copper vessels to store water
  • Never put any painting or a picture imbibed with negative vibes like a tree without fruits, animals fighting or any wrong thing.
  • Pooja Room should be in the North-East Corner of House.
  • Ensure that the main entrance of the house/building is properly lit.
  • Avoid painting the walls of the bedroom in any darker shade. Try putting neutral tones.

What about non-Vastu compliant House:

Several people have nothing to do with Vastu, still, they are prospering, living better, earning better and doing well. Because all this comes from you, it’s all on a person’s inner faith and the will power to achieve their goals. If you have positive aspects and goals to lead and control your life, in that case, the external factors don’t control your mind and hence you don’t need any measurements to take care of your house.

Still, if you are stuck on your life issues and want to seek some advice on designing your building, then you should definitely talk to our pragmatic Vastu Shastra advisor. You just need to put your faith and let the time and their energy work for you. We do not just brag about our work or grow any insensible fair within our clients, but we work on matching our vibes with them. We believe in giving reasons to all our sayings. We wouldn’t ask you to demolish anything in your house but a few changes in your system can solve all your mysteries of life. You are the controller and leader of your life, live it with the zeal and zest.

Stay tuned to get more information.

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