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Korean Men Fashion : Wardrobe Essentials to Get that K-Pop Look Everyone Loves

The Takeaway:

If there’s a constant fashion trend nowadays, then it’s this: Korean fashion is a big hit that will become even bigger in the coming years. 

The phenomenon is further set in motion by the Korean or “Hallyu wave” and all things in Korean culture, from the invincible popularity of K-dramas to the unquestionable K-Pop invasion and its staple of popular boy band idols and handsome actors. They embody head-turning Korean fashion through their outfits.

Korean Men Fashion Wardrobe Essentials

But what is Korean fashion really? There’s no one correct answer, as the most creative youths endeavor to make individual and unique identities of their own by manifesting themselves via clothes and style. 

Today, there are trends that we can garner from their hotchpotch of clothing. Transform your 2020 into a year of style and show off the trendiest Korean outfit with these wardrobe essentials to get that Kpop look that everyone loves.

Classic Panerai Timepiece

Korean men are fabled for being way prettier than women, and so they’re often seen wearing pieces of jewelry and makeup. While not every man’s up for that, an accessory like a statement ring or a Panerai watch can do wonders for your overall look.

In South Korea, Panerai has showcased its Submersible Bronzo collection, leaving its sportier look to achieve a more traditional and high-end character in line with the vintage craze that has been all the trend lately. 

Blending modern technology and traditional artistry, Panerai’s unique and contemporary aesthetic signatures will make you as fashionable as every Korean out there.

Stylish Stripes

Striped clothing can do a lot of wonders. It has its own way of looking extremely good no matter what kind of clothing it is. 

A striped pullover will look astonishing not only because it highlights stripes, but also because of its high-end and super groovy design.

Iconic Trench Coat

The trench coat is an iconic fashion essential in South Korea. Many actors and male idols wear this during shoots, movie premieres, and even on a typical day out.

The glamour of a trench coat stands in the air of finesse it brings to the overall ensemble.

Funky Sweaters

If there’s one thing that Korean fashion is famous for, it is its quirkiness and funkiness. They experiment much with their wardrobe and often create very bold choices. 

A funky and quirky sweater is a fashion statement all on its own, even if you do not turn to anything else. Not sure ’bout that? Well, all we know is, you can’t look more refreshing than with funky sweaters. So buckle up, because you’re about to turn lots of heads!

A Burst of Neon Colors

Neon has been turning up in Korean fashion for some time now, and it appears to continue and enjoy a cult-like admiration. 

You can see abundant K-pop idols and other celebs having fun with outfits highlighting bursts of neon colors. 

A splash of neon colors captivates the eye pretty quickly so you can be confident that your ensemble will jazz up and accentuate if you go for such colors. 

Even if you’re ordinarily a traditionalist dresser, the neon trend is a fabulous way to explore and elevate your otherwise typical uniform of a tee and jeans.

Oversized Everything

This trend mnemonic of the ’90s era created an excellent entrance for men (and women) during Seoul Fashion Week. 

It’s easy to immerse in this trend. Remember, balance is the password when it comes to the oversized style.

Keep patterns plain (or even better, non-existent) with this look and instead pay attention to unique but elegant details like embroidered jeans pockets or asymmetrical hem.

Mix and Match

This final wardrobe essential is probably the most marvelously celebrated of all the Korean fashion trends. Wait, technically, it’s not even a trend at all. It is a craze where you don’t go for any specific fads at all. Instead, you disregard every rule.

Layer pants and shorts. Pair up two distinct plaid prints. Put on vests over jackets. Wear two clashing bright colors. Pile on the accessories. Literally, anything goes with this fashion craze – and that’s the beauty in it.

Final Word

Being a fashionable man needs a lot of effort. From picking the perfect shoes to finding the right clothes, all of this calls for extraordinary effort. 

If you’re going to strive for these Korean fashion trends, there’s one must that you always have to remember while riding along with the Hallyu wave: whatever you are wearing, match it with a bold smile and confidence just like every Oppa out there does. 

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