Karur Vysaya Bank is one of the leading banks in India, with it’s headquarter located in the south of India Karur, Tamil Nadu. KVB was founded and settled in 1916 by M. A. Venkatarama Chettiar and Athi Krishna Chettiar.

Being the leading banking sector, KVB provides various services to its customers like corporate services, personal services, agricultural insurance banking.In the wake of modernization, KVB also provides a net banking facility which facilitates its customers with a number of services, which can be quickly done online.

KVB Net Banking

Karur Vysya Bank Net Banking Login

Advantages of Internet Banking

Internet banking provides the customer avail various banking services without the hassle of papers and stamps. All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection and simple, smart device.All-day account and service accessibility will be available

  • In the daily life of traffic and run, you need a time slot to make a fund transfer or make a recharge for your loved ones; all these responsible tasks can be efficiently completed at an online platform.
  • Fast and hassle-free

No wait, no man hurdles; what else is better than skipping the queue and dropping your form at first, internet banking gives you that leisure.

  • Make your bill payments at fingertips

Access different portals like gas, phones, electricity and various other bills without writing a check at the desk

  • Low overhead viz. lesser prices

No minimum balance, open an account for free, no credit check required

  • Higher interest rates on deposit accounts

They have the best interest rates. Isn’t it inviting…

Net Banking at KVB

KVB provides services for both corporate and retail customers.

Via net banking, one can avail of various banking and non-banking transactions.A wide range of facilities is feasible at the tip of net banking like accessing account balance, fund transfers across different bank accounts, activation, and deactivation of ATMs, mini statement, bill payments at platforms, availing the loan, application for various beneficiary funds and many other services.

Am I eligible for KVB net banking?

Like every other bank KVB also lays some boundaries to enjoy net banking accessibility.

An account holder who satisfies the below mentioned is eligible for net banking:

  • Indian Citizens
  • NRIs
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)
  • Partnership firms
  • Corporate

Let’s Apply for KVB Internet Banking

  • Visit your nearest KVB branch
  • Fill up the internet banking activation form
  • Please provide a suitable user Id you want to own
  • Within a span of 10-15 business days, you will receive the user Id and the password by post.
  • After that, visit https://www.kvbin.com/B001/ENULogin.jsp
  • Enter your user ID and password as received
  • Yey! That’s all you can go ahead with various internet services at the portal.

Activate my KVB internet banking account

  • Activate my KVB internet banking account:
  • To activate the net banking account send an acknowledgment mail to activateiuser@kvbmail.com
  • Send the letter from the registered email – id which was linked with the bank
  • This will enable the customer id within three business working days
  • On the activation of the customer id, you will receive the confirmation message on your registered mobile number..

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