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Must watch Indian Travel Web Series [June 2020]

The Takeaway:

Watching travel web series gives you a new perspective on travel, life, and fun. Here is a list of the best Indian travel web series to watch for fun.

1. Way Back Home

This web series is a must-see for you if you’re a mountain lover and have been preparing to visit the Himalayas. ‘Way Back Home’ is a travelogue in the Himalayas with the most beautiful peaks of Himachal, Leh, and Ladakh. The mesmerizing beauty of the web series will give you butterflies in your stomach. This beautiful piece of art belongs to Rohan Thakur, who makes the viewers feel right there as he explores pristine beauty.


2. Away from Home

This eight-episode web series takes you to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. This short series is about a girl who fell in love with the Andaman Islands. Because of her passion for the beaches, she decided to quit the idea of marriage and settle with the sea. The series takes you to the hidden corners of the Andaman Islands and dazzles you with breathtaking elegance. What’s more, her beach life will inspire you to challenge yourself to give your dream life a shot.


3. The Trip

‘The Trip’ is a perfect web series if you like to travel with your friends. The show is a continuation of the adventure of four best friends. The four beautiful girls decide to drive to Bangkok. And it’s for one of their bachelorette parties, as you may have guessed. This latest web series portrays breathtaking mountains, shimmering Bangkok skylines, while spectacular images of natural beauty send many messages.


4. TVF Tripling

‘TVF Tripling,’ produced by The Viral Fever, is a web series based on the journey of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal, and

 Chitvan. All three of them are going on a fun trip to find themselves and their relationships. What makes this show more fascinating than the journey is funny stories, amusing events, and awesome characters. The story also inspires viewers to travel and teaches them to live life to the fullest.


5. Under The Rupee

‘The Rupee’ is based on Indian traveler Rohan Thakur ‘s journey to Hungary. As the name suggests, the series addresses the concern that a lot of money required for traveling to Europe as Thakur explores the beauty of Budapest and nearby hamlets, the spectators enthralled by the picturesque sights. The whole idea is to show that a visit to Hungary does not rob you of all your money since Hungary ‘s currency value is lower than that of the Indian rupee.



These web series on 123movies serve as a leisure activity and encourage you to explore the hidden corners of the world while teaching the essential lessons. Go, watch, and chill as we serve you tons of traveling reasons!

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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