We all know the importance of ps4 in our life, just after it’s release it has grabbed the position of one of the best gaming console for this generation. But what makes ps4 the best gaming consoles is the amazing games which we get to play on in. If you are a true gamer then you must be the one who likes to play cricket games for pc and a game as soon as they launch, right? So in this guide, we are gonna tell you which games you should look out for this year.

In this article, we are gonna tell you the top 5 new ps4 games that you should wait for. Let’s look at the list of best new ps4 games 2020.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII was a really popular action role-playing game of its time (1997). The game will be something you would love with all the action and strategy. Its real-time action will be something you would be impressed by.

If you are looking for what’s new elements in the game that makes it one the top game in our list then we can only say that developers have redesigned characters and added some new content in the game.

The story of the game will be somewhat the same as the original Final Fantasy VII. The player will follow the character Cloud Strife. He has joined an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, against the Shinra Corporation. The game has features all-new graphics and they have altered a few things too. Overall it’s gonna be fun to play the remake of such a legendary game! The game would be supposed to be released in April this year.

2.. The Last of Us Part II

If you have played the first part of Last of Us then you would how amazing this game is, and since the first part was an absolute hit and commercially successful the makers of this game have thought to bring the next part of this survival horror action-adventure game in may this year.

Players will take control of the character of Ellie who is in the post-apocalyptic city of America! The situation was already worse and she got in conflict with a cult! Players can use improvised weapons, stealth, and firearms to defend themselves throughout the game. You will be surrounded by Humans and other creatures who are infected by a deadly virus. Overall the game has everything that you can look for in a survival horror/action-adventure game!

3.. Cyberpunk 2077

If you are into role-playing games than Cyberpunk 2077 is what you should be looking for this year! The game will take place in an open world that would have six different regions. The game would feature all kinds of stuff from two hands combat to the assassination with lots of weapons. The game is supposed to be released in September this year.

4.. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Who isn’t a fan of Dragon Ball Z anyway? Well, it’s sure if you are a fan then you would be most excited for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot which would release in January! This action role-playing would be something worth your attention this year.

5.. Minecraft dungeons

Don’t mistake Minecraft Dungeons with Minecraft because this one features the dungeon crawler genre, unlike the latter where you get to build, craft or destroy the blocks.

Here players are gonna see puzzles, traps, treasure and so on. So keep an eye on this one as it gonna be released in April this year!

So these are the games for which every die-hard ps4 gamer will wait for. We hope you have liked our guide and thank you for visiting our page. This article is submitted by Aamir founder of techiwar. One of the best technology website.

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