Oriental Bank of Commerce, Public sector bank, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. OBC has launched its Internet Banking (I-Banking) to spread across India by maximizing its customer services. OBC alike other private and public banks, provide 24*7 services for various accounts and anywhere besides, making many transactions like fund transfers, E-transfers with Bank transfers, Online FDR/CDR, Central and State Tax Payments, etc.

OBC Net Banking Registration

OBC Net Banking Registration Online Process

One can visit the official OBC website i.e.www.obconline.co.in. for registration and further details. Before that, one needs to get his/her user ID and password from the home branch. Here are the steps that ought to be followed by the consumer after getting their user ID and password:

  1. Go to any search engine and search for https://www.obconline.co.in. And click on  Oriental Bank’s I-Banking link.
  2. Type the userID, and password provided by the home branch to get authenticates you.
  3. It is essential to change to use different passwords for login and transaction, provided to you. The link to change the password would send to the registered email ID.

NOTE: The new password should consist of a minimum of 6 characters. It should be the combination of Alpha, Numeric and Special symbol.

  1. Go to the link and change the password by entering the new password and retyping it.
  2. Choose ‘UPDATE’ and confirm to change the password. Message about the changed will pop up on the screen.
  3. Afterwards, the password for the profile can get changed by going to ‘Customize’-‘Password change’ option. Customers can change their user name (nickname) using the same procedure.
  4. After logging in using the new password, one needs to browse and choose from multiple options for the transaction as per the choice.

NOTE: one needs to enter the transaction password to authorize the transaction, which will be different from the login password.OBC Net Banking Registration.

  1. Now, one can use the OBC Bank’s I-Banking anytime anywhere for most comprehensive and safe transactions from the personal account.

NOTE: The consumer should log out after the completion of the transaction and close the browse application for security.

  1. If one already knows, the username but don’t know the password or don’t remember it, can reactivate the account by clicking on “forget password” and can retype new password provided on link mailed on the registered email address.

Application for I-Banking Registration

To get the user ID and password to avail the I- Banking services, one needs to submit the application form to the parent or home branch, which is available on the website mentioned above.

The website provides two different application forms:

  • Corporate Net Banking Application
  • Retail Net Banking Application

Safety Measures

Following is the list of safety measures to be followed by the customer:

  • The user ID and password should be confidential.
  • Avoid using the website for transaction from open areas like net cafes and libraries, which have viruses that can capture the file or sensitive information.
  • If not using the latest by six months after availing the account, the Net Banking services shall be disabled.
  • Clients should avoid Birth dates, Contact numbers, Names, Initials, etc. as a password.

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