With the wave of technological advancement fixating its robust roots in our country, net banking has become an integral part of our social and economical constraints. While many banks are embracing the metamorphosis towards a tech-savvy approach, Punjab National Bank, one of the oldest and renowned banks of India, is also an active part of this race.

The bank has devised its net banking services for all its customers in order to provide a holistic and a facilitated service; eradicating the cumbersome task of regular visits to the locations in order to expedite all puny transactions. But before availing this service, its mandatory for the customers to fill an online registration form, which in response would generate a personal login ID and password for the concerned customer.

PNB Net Banking

PNB Net Banking Login

PNB offers two variants of net banking- corporate internet banking and retail internet banking. In order to activate a corporate banking account, drop by a neigh bouring Punjab National Bank branch and ask for a net banking activation form. Retail banking account refers to an individual bank account.

Similarly for activating retail internet banking, a step by step procedure pertaining to availing net banking services of Punjab National Bank has been enlisted below. The steps are as follows-

Punjab National Bank Net Banking & Login

  • Visit www.netpnb.com
  • Once the portal opens, tap on the Retail tab located at the web page.
  • Thereafter, click on User, followed by New User option.
  • The user at this step has the discretion of choosing among Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking or both.
  • Once this procedure is adhered to, the user has to fill in their Account Number and select “Type of Facility”. The “Type of Facility” refers to the mode of transaction an user wants for his/her account. It could be either “View Only” or “View and Transaction”.
  • After completion of this step, an OTP(One time password) is sent on the registered mobile number.
  • The user has to fill in his Debit Card Number and ATM Pin after the above mentioned step.
  • The next and final step deals with the user setting their login and/or transaction passwords.

Once this procedure is accomplished, a successful registration prompt is displayed on the screen. The user can note down or memorize their User ID and password and could initiate and utilise their net banking services thereafter.

Before starting with net banking services, it is mandatory for the users to be aware of the predominant hacking and breach issues. There are various malwares circulating on the net that are keen on finding any gateway through the bank accounts of the users and as a result, wipe out all the money in the accounts.

So there are a few tips from our side that would prove beneficial to the customers. The system on which net banking is being availed, needs to have an anti-virus software in order to protect the sensitive data. Also making use of public Wi-Fi or VPN software for net banking is a strict no-no.

The user should pay extra attention in frequently changing passwords and devising a sturdy password for cutting down penetration risks. Lastly, always use bank’s URL every time for using banking services, instead of using promotional links.

In a time when the entire world is in the pathway of advancement, the tertiary sector of economy, especially banking services, plays an integral part of determining a country’s growth. In order to be a part of this transitional development, the denizens should unequivocally, invoke net banking services. The customers just need to be aware about the lurking threats and they are good to go.

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