Sunday, August 14, 2022 is all set to tap into the next generation of Web 3.0 domain names

The Takeaway: is the next-generation blockchain marketplace for NFT domains. The internet has become a hub for creativity and progress in the fast-progressing world.

Web 3.0 has become a blessing in disguise. When several cases of data leaks, scams, and privacy invasion were rising, Web 3.0 came to the rescue! This unique decentralized internet service has helped several creators protect their privacy from any third-party service.

Centralization is a limitation to creativity, and thus it was necessary for a revolutionary web platform with no limitations. NFTs, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies are commonly heard terms nowadays. What is common between all these terms? It is nothing but blockchain and decentralization.

Anonymity and privacy is the main factor that converges its large popularity. Moreover, the creators get full access to their projects. So, what else can be better than Web 3.0? is the next-generation blockchain marketplace for NFT domains. The internet has become a hub for creativity and progress in the fast-progressing world. Thus, NFT domains will slowly take over the conventional ones because they have so much to offer! Hence, Quik aims to provide potential decentralized domain names.

Quik’s unique domain name provider will give you access to various NFT domains that you can own, controlled by you, and made only for you! No third-party apps or central entities. Also, Quik offers domains that you can use all over the Web 3.0 platforms connected to crypto wallets and several browsers.


Privacy at its best with Quik!

Quik works as a bridge between the creators and Web 3.0 platforms to bring them an immense browsing experience. This helps several creators and businesses to get full control and privacy over their data so one can get permanent access to their resources.

Before Web 3.0 existed, several central entities exploited the creators due to data leaks and privacy invasions. But with the introduction of this revolutionary web platform, one can get full access and rights over their creations. 

According to some experts, the future of the internet is decentralized, and Web 2.0 will slowly fade away. With the need for domain names for businesses, NFT domains have become a blessing as they provide users with a unique experience. One can get a personalized crypto wallet and 360-degree access to their website.

Quik is working to replace the limitations linked to conventional domains with next-generation NFT domains. It provides an advanced search system along with minimal effort. 

Several domain providers give temporary access to domains with renewal plans and yearly maintenance charges for maintenance, and this makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with their needs. However, there is no need to spend on renewal plans or maintenance charges with blockchain technology, as it helps you truly own your domains instead of renting one.

Quik offers true ownership of your domains; you get 5% to 10% royalty on every subsequent domain purchase! Moreover, upon their subscription, the users can access a variety of TLDs such as .blockchain domain names, .metaverse domain names, .doge, .vr, .bored, etc. 

With such distinguished domain names and overall access to the website, the users can enter the world of next-generation browsing. However, NFT domains are restricted by their minting nature, and thus first come, first serve basis is applicable.


Quik ecosystem: The vast Web 3.0 decentralized browsing experience

Following the launch of Quik’s marketplace for NFT domains, scheduled for the end of February 2022, the team said its focus would be on releasing web browsers, including Quik, and partnering with major cryptocurrency funds like Coinbase. Exchanges can use Quik NFT domains and existing wallet addresses with this collaboration.

Quik’s NFT domain is multipurpose as it acts as a payment option for virtual crypto wallets, a universal username across online platforms, and a unique website URL.

Even though the first round of TLD will be available on ETH, Ethereum blockchain, aims to add additional blockchains such as Binance, Solana, and GateChain.

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