Faxes are not a thing of the past as some of the individuals might think of it to be. Even though, with the advent of recent tech and progressing communication media, fax has diminished a bit but it’s not like its completely gone.

And if you’re reading this, you have probably come here because you cannot let go of this amazing communication medium, fax. Faxes play an important role in the communication world as faxing was the only way to transfer official documents when emails and other recent ways of communication were not around.

But things have changed quite a lot in the past few years and so has fax. In the past times, people had no choice other than to use fax machines that were the only way of faxing. Fax machines are actually more than a hassle, they first need to be bought, then they need to set up and then regular maintenance of a fax machine is also really important. So with all these things, people began to look for other ways to fax their documents.

And this was the time when tech experts came with the new faxing methods which included absolutely no use of a fax machine. You have an internet connection and that’s it. Faxing has shifted from fax machines over to the internet. Nowadays you can easily send and receive faxes over the internet within just a couple of minutes.

Online Faxing – An Easy Approach to Faxing

Online faxing is increasingly becoming more and more popular as it is the easiest approach to fax your documents. It has made people’s lives so much easier that people in huge numbers are turning towards this approach.

You don’t have to be at a specific place for online faxing, like that in the case of fax machines. With online faxing, the concept of ‘faxing from anywhere’ has been made possible. Either you are at your office or at home or having a gossip with your friends at a party, you can fax from anywhere anytime.

But faxing directly from the internet is still not possible. You have to use some accessory like a third party medium for online faxing. Don’t worry, we’ll explain it all in detail about why it is necessary.

If you have a little know-how about the tech, you might be aware of the fact that the internet operates through digital signals while faxing uses analog signals since it is an old way. This gives rise to an incompatibility between the two media which becomes a hindrance in the way of smooth online faxing. Hence, the third-party fax service is really important here. It is the only way through which the internet and fax can work in harmony resulting in online faxing.

CocoFax – Online Fax Service That Stands Out From The Rest

CocoFax is one of the most well-known online fax service providers on the planet. CocoFax serves a variety of customers ranging from people to large companies, giving on the web fax arrangements that cross the limits of accommodation and effortlessness.


CocoFax answers all your questions like how to send fax from email? It deals with all your fax needs by giving basic fax arrangements. Not just that, it is a notable brand with mechanized frameworks, in this way, there is no third individual perusing your fax interchanges. The whole thing remains to only you and the fax recipient.

CocoFax is not any ordinary fax service that just gives you the basic fax sending and receiving facilities, but that’s not all. CocoFax has taken care of each and every aspect and has incorporated different highlights to work on those aspects as well.

In the event that you need to fax, it is obligatory to have a fax number. CocoFax comprehends this very well and hence, furnishes you with a free fax number that you can use to send and get faxes. Truth be told, it gives you the freedom to pick your own fax number too. Yes, a double treat. Fax number that is free and custom-made as well.  

CocoFax’s 30-day free trial guarantees that you can give CocoFax a shot without the danger of losing your cash. 

You can benefit from this at their official site https://www.cocofax.com/

Just follow the instructions given on the site and you will be able to start faxing without any delay.

Receiving Faxes with CocoFax

As mentioned earlier, CocoFax is an all-in-one solution for all your faxing needs. It allows you to not only send but receive faxes too. And you can do that in many different ways. See, CocoFax is all about convenience. With CocoFax, the task of receiving faxes has been made a lot easier than before.

In the past days, or in the days when fax machines were used, receiving faxes was quite a hassle. If you had to receive faxes, you needed to keep the fax machine on all the time of the day because otherwise there was the danger of losing your faxes. If fax was sent at a time when the fax machine was turned off, then that fax was not able to reach its destination and was lost.

But CocoFax has facilitated the process of receiving faxes so much that receiving fax is just like receiving a text message on mobile. Here we have put two different ways through which you can receive faxes in a convenient way.

Part 1: Receive faxes through Online Dashboard

CocoFax provides you with your own online dashboard that you can get to any place and whenever you want. This is the place where all your faxes will rest. But you can utilize this component of the dashboard just when you have signed in to CocoFax. Subsequent to enrolling yourself up, you will be taken to your dashboard where all your received faxes will be available.

Receive faxes through Online Dashboard

In any event, when you are not signed in to your CocoFax account, your faxes won’t be lost however truth be told, will be spared in the dashboard and at whatever point you sign in to your account, the entirety of your got faxes will be there.

Part 2: Receive faxes through Email

Here is another magnificent and most advantageous route through which you can, without quite a bit of pressure, get faxes from around the globe. As the name shows, this component of CocoFax lets you get all your faxes on your email(Gmail or some other).

Receive faxes through Email

Indeed, much the same as you get your normal messages, similarly, you will get all your faxes on your email address. On the off chance that you need to utilize this component of CocoFax, give your email id on which you mean to get all your faxes at the time of signing up.

Ending Notes

All things considered, that is certainly not all in light of the fact that CocoFax heavenly highlights are not simply constrained to this guide. To discover more about this phenomenal fax service and to profit by the highlights and features that it gives, you should begin utilizing it immediately.

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