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Resume Writing Tips and Samples

The Takeaway:

It happens that you have rich professional experience and outstanding skills, yet, nobody invites you for an interview. Why so? Maybe, all you need is some expert advice on your resume.

With experts from resume writing service Accuro Resumes, you can always get a helpful consultation on a job search, as well as order a ready-made CV or a cover letter.

Skilled specialists go beyond a simple enumeration of workplaces and educational degrees. They reveal your best parts in accordance with the employers’ expectations. As a result, you get a unique, effective resume making your dream job closer.

Resume Writing Services or an Independent Search?

Online assistance seemed tricky and unbelievable about twenty years ago. But things are different now. The Internet opens numerous opportunities for delivering writing help. You are free to purchase any type of paper, starting from simple college essays and to the resumes. So why not use this chance?

For instance, professional resume writing services work according to standard rules of writing and modern trends of presenting a candidate. For years of fruitful experience, they have established a set of helpful recommendations on how to create job-winning resumes.

#1 Read a Job Description Attentively

It all starts with your goal. Select some positions you want to apply to and focus on them. Ideally, every resume must be tailored to one job. Still, some companies can post similar job descriptions. So, you are free to prepare one template for several close vacancies. Pay attention to requirements and evaluate if you suit them.

#2 Select Your Strengths

Think about those skills and experiences that will interest the company. Do not overload a recruiter with unnecessary facts. Who cares that you’re a good barista if you want to be a frontend developer?

Good example: 

  • 7+ years of experience with JavaScript, 2+ years of using Node.js

  • Certified specialist in CSS

#3 Present Your Additional Knowledge

Striving to stand out among other applicants? Do not use boring phrases. Some skills influence your professionalism indirectly. Say, a foreign language is not essential for a programmer; still, it helps to communicate with international partners.

  • Popular variant: German, upper intermediate

  • A better wording: Read “Das Parfum (Perfume)” in the original German

As you see, the second phrase is more eye-catching and compelling.

#4 Soft Skills Matter Too

Specialists from the resume writing services highlight the importance of soft skills for modern companies. Employers expect that a future team member will adapt to new conditions fast. The best candidate, according to contemporary requirements, is not afraid to communicate with other employees and solves the problems effectively. And, obviously, corporations do not want to hire someone who falls into procrastination and disrespects deadlines.

Some good ideas: 

  • Amateur baseball player for 2 years (evidence of teamwork).

  • UK volunteer for NCS (this fact speaks of ethical principles).

  • Amateur stand-up actor (this experience demonstrates super charisma).

#5 Check if You Use Keywords

Make your resume noticeable for search systems. Take into account the principles and logic of SEO. An ATS will catch your file if you use precise and modern terms for your positions.

#6 Formatting and Design

The current tendencies concerning the visual appearance of resumes boil down to minimalism and elegance. Too many pictures or colors usually look cheap.

Internet agencies offer various templates for free or for affordable prices today. If you occupy a creative position, you can also find a designer online.

#7 Use a Simple Language

It happens that mature specialists get used to specific terms of their profession or the manner of writing. So they use this experience for resumes. It is a wrong strategy, as an HR manager is not good at narrow spheres.

#8 Demonstrate Your Value for the Future Team

Do not only list your skills, knowledge, and competencies. Explain what benefits the employer will get with you. You can study the culture and business of your dream company first. It will be easier to show your potential impact on the company’s activities. The following questions will help you to make the right choice.

  • What is my contribution to the company?

  • What benefits will they get if they hire me?

By the way, you can hire professional legal writers to conduct research on the company you apply to. They can analyze your niche and reveal the most crucial recruiters’ requirements and expectations.

#9 Write Only Meaningful Words

Even if you are not a professional writer, you must create your resume according to the principles of consciousness, logic, and significance. Every word you write on this document must be well-considered. You can find someone near you to revise your resume. A lack of proper attention to a resume can cost you a good job.

All in all, a successful resume is your own unique story written in accordance with the employer’s expectations. sincerely wishes you good luck with your job search. Remember that you can always buy high-quality custom papers from their top experts.

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