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Romantic web series to watch with your partner

The Takeaway:

Rom-coms are the antidote to any mood! It doesn't matter whether you're sad or smiling; rom-coms have the ability to brighten up your day immediately.

Rom-coms are the antidote to any mood! It doesn’t matter whether you’re sad or smiling; rom-coms have the ability to brighten up your day immediately.


Best romantic series

1. Permanent Roommates

Two people who have been in a long-distance relationship for three years now decide to push things forward. They make all the plans for their parents to come, but their households are somewhat different. As if it wasn’t enough, then, during the wedding ceremony, the bride finds out she’s expecting! See it to find out whether Mukesh and Tanya are getting married or not! It is one of the best Indian streaming series to binge-watch.


2. Love-Bytes

Two people in love and are in a live-in relationship, are trying to find a balance. They ‘re going through the whole problem of splitting up and getting back together again as the female lead, Ananya, gets pregnant. Will Abhishek eventually marry Ananya, or will he abandon her in the center of her life?


3. Little Things

The web series India is about a couple who find happiness in the little things they do. This web-series has just five chapters, and across these five shows, Dhruv and Kavy discussed how to convey love by doing little things that matter to them. They fight like kids over trivial issues, but it doesn’t take them a lot of time to make up.


4. Bang Baaja Baaraat

This tale revolves around a couple who met, fell in love, and agreed to marry, but not without their parents’ permission. When Pawan and Shahana introduce their parents, all heck breaks loose from somewhat separate backgrounds. The pair then goes through several ups and downs to make things functional. But is it working? It is a beautiful Amazon prime original show in India.


5. What the folks?

What the Folks are is another fun web-series that made a place in the heart of the audience. This Indian wedding web series even caught our attention with its funky title. The series provides a somewhat accurate portrayal of how a son-in-law is handled in a typical Indian household. This is the story of a married couple attempting to clarify to their parents why it’s appropriate to “correct” the son-in-law.


6. Four more shots please

This Indian web series adored the life and struggles of four women who are not defined as “perfect” by society. This tells us how they cope with setbacks, experience, and partnerships with little support from their closest mates and spirits. The series is based in Mumbai and is among India ‘s best premium amazon shows. The degree of relatability is high on this one! You are bound to get hooked along with your partner.


7. Official Chukyagiri

This series stars Mithila Palkar, and Sumeet Vyas revolves around how Spandan Chukya travels to Mumbai, “The City of Dreams,” to accomplish his dream. This demonstrates his transition in the corporate world of job sites in India like KillerLaunch, and through ups and downs of life, he talks of commitment and repercussions.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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