Saturday, September 25, 2021

Signs That Mobile Gaming Could Be Worth Investing In

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Mobile gaming has been a thing since before smartphones even existed. For those of us that are a bit older, this started with simple games like snake and solitaire on phones that weighed as much as a brick. Gaming on mobile has come a long way since then and the types of games we can find on smartphones today are more reminiscent of high-end computer games than anything you could have found on an old Nokia back then.

With the gaming industry as a whole making a massive boom in the last few years, mobile games have been fast approaching the kind of quality that takes game developers years to achieve on PC and consoles. Here are a few signs that mobile gaming is the future and might be worth investing in.

A Long List of Real Money Games Go Online

The real money gaming industry which has mainly stuck to traditional brick and mortar institutions in the past has now moved onto a new platform, the online one. Online casinos are popping up everywhere today and they’re bringing with them an extensive list of slot games to play online that could mean a lot of fun for a lot of people. These games also include a range of card games and puzzle games that stick to the originals but can also offer a different choice of unique alternatives with new spins on them.

Most of the people playing on these websites are doing it through their mobile devices, and in turn, online casino websites have started developing apps for their games. The real money gaming industry is very careful of where they invest, and if they’ve chosen to invest in online and mobile it means that they see the real potential that lies there. This industry is already bringing improvements and incorporating tech like AI into their services, which means that there’s a lot more they can bring to the future of gaming in the long run.

A Long List of Real Money Games Go Online

Mobile Alternatives for PC and Console Giants

This is one of the biggest things that point to an incredible improvement in the thriving mobile gaming field. While not too long ago mobile games consisted of mostly puzzle games or frankly uninspired and badly done rip-offs of popular console and PC games, now you can find that many console and PC developers are coming in hot with mobile versions of their big hits. Great examples of this are PUBG and Fortnite which both have mobile versions of their games that even function cross-platform. To keep a better track of the companies that make these games you can use these apps.

Lots of games that we couldn’t have ever imagined on small screens are getting their own mobile versions. Riot is releasing a mobile version of League of Legends, the most popular MOBA in existence, so mobile gamers can join their ranks and dish it out on the battlefield. This is blurring the lines between PC, console and mobile gaming as we know it, and could soon lead to players being able to interact with each other in-game through multiple different gaming platforms.

Mobile Alternatives for PC and Console Giants

Incorporating New Tech Into Gameplay

While this might still be in the beginner stages it can’t be left unsaid that mobile games, similarly to other game platforms, are starting to incorporate new technology into their gameplay. One of the best examples of this is the game that got the world to get off of their couches and go explore the great outdoors, Pokémon GO. The use of augmented reality tech that the game had incorporated made it a real thrill to see the wonderful critters running about in the real world through the use of the smartphone’s camera.

Mobile games have been quick to start developing innovative games that incorporate tech such as AI. Lots of puzzle games use AI to predict the player’s next move based on previous in-game behavior and give them a run for their money by changing things up. Even VR is now on mobile with the help of some additional gadgets that transform our world into a new and whimsical landscape.

Incorporating New Tech Into Gameplay

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