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Here’s how Some Cool School Gadgets Are Changing the Face of Conventional Education System

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Technology has been a key driver in almost every field lately, and education is no exception. The way students perceived knowledge has evolved with the advent of the internet on various digital platforms. Not to mention, the launch of several electronic gadgets has only fueled this advancement. Both students and teachers, as well as parents, have been tapping into the immense benefits of some trending and cool school gadgets to impart the best knowledge to the children.

Undeniably, even the gadgets have been incorporated with technicalities and multiple special features that are helpful in skill development. One can acquire knowledge from the comfort of their home like never before, and this is giving rise to several opportunities for children to learn newer things.

Here is a list of top 7 gadgets that are changing the academic world significantly with their rising demands.

Laptop cum tablet

Some Cool School Gadgets Are Changing the Face of Conventional Education

These are laptops that can be transformed into tablets too as per user requirements. They are convenient to use and are also light in weight, which makes them suitable for porting from one place to another.

Besides, the content that the user wants to read or access gets easily converted AA and when the device itself gets converted. Therefore, it makes for a user-friendly interface too. Consequently, students will find it easier to revise their lessons and also store data to access the same in the future.

It provides both the experiences of a traditional laptop and also a portable and handy tablet, making it one of the best tablet for students.


The next best school gadget that students can benefit from is the e-reader. Getting access to all the books in this small piece of flat notebook type gadget is a bonus. Not only does it do away with the traditional burden of carrying heavy books, but it also eases the learning process.

These digital versions of conventional textbooks are in no way different from the books as they consist of the same lessons on printed textbooks. However, it facilitates students with carrying only a single reader to the school without having to carry each textbook.

Besides, thes kind of cool school gadgets have a user-friendly interface to enable students to read the text and also allows them to customize the font and size of letters of the text to fit their needs.


The pen is literally smart than any regular pen and hence the name. It has an inbuilt camera along with an audio recorder. The pen also has a computer that allows the user to record, save as well as upload data as per the user demands.

It has a very interesting way of functioning where the camera actually keeps a record of the positions as the pen moves on the page. Nevertheless, this doesn’t require any purchase of special notebooks. Regular papers can be used to perform and record the writings.

Multipurpose calculator

Multipurpose calculator

Maths can be quite interesting. However, not everyone likes the calculation part. It is still a challenge for many when it comes to high-level calculations other than addition, subtraction, or others. Functionalities like calculus, trigonometric values, logarithms, etc. can be determined using such cool school gadgets.

However, the multiple functions that these calculators contain are that they can be transformed into a watch as well. Depending on the watch model that you purchase, you can get these special features. The watch cum calculator has a basic digital watch with an eight-digit calculator. Other functions include stopwatch and calendar too.

Charging backpack

Long hours of working on laptops essentially drain the charge faster. To make them go along with sufficient charge, these are backpacks that have inbuilt charging stations. With a padded interior to safeguard the laptop, there is a 1Voice, 1000 mAh charger to provide the required charge that can save the day effectively.

The best part of using this backpack is that there’s not only a charging point for the laptop, but also for other devices as well. To utilize this, there is a 10,000 mAh lithium polymer charger.

Activity tracker

Activity tracker

Fitness or activity trackers are like digital trainers who keep a watch on the regular activities of a user. Whether it is walking down from the school to reach home or otherwise, these trackers can track walking, running, swimming, and many more.

They can show the number of calories burnt, allow the users to set up goals that are aligned with their daily activities. Plus, there’s a tracking system to keep a record of heartbeat, blood pressure, and sleep rate too on a daily basis.

All of these features are essential for students in keeping fit and going about accomplishing the daily tasks at hand with ease.

Reusable notebook

Notebooks are an integral part of a student’s life. Having to carry heavy notebooks to school and again carrying them back home regularly is undoubtedly challenging and, at the same time, tiring. To walk away with such loads, the reusable notebook is a savior.

This digital notebook is one of a kind of cool school gadgets that have made writing and storing countless ideas and thoughts and lessons simpler like never before. One can write them down and get the page scanned using the QR code printed below. After that the same can be uploaded to the cloud for future access, thereby easing the learning process.

Therefore, gadgets are now part and parcel for the school going kids. Not only have they made learning look simpler, but they also extended multiple facets to the way education was perceived all these years.

It is now evident that there’s more to just learning or grasping lessons. Students can indulge in self-improvement activities and have ample time and multiple opportunities to prove their worth to the world.

The introduction of cool school gadgets has altogether revolutionized the entire education system. It is expected with further developments in this field; it seeks to understand children with a deeper sense and provide them with better facilities for acquiring knowledge.

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