Almost all students have probably undergone a writing assignment or two in their lifetime. If they’ve been in an academic school, writing assignments are inevitable as it hones the students’ comprehension as well as writing skills.

When students write, they also delve into reading to be able to understand the topic better. That said, writing not only improves how you communicate through words better. It also improves student comprehension.

However, it takes a lot of analytical skills to put into words all the information students read. In this article, we’re going to give you a run-through of how you can improve your writing. Follow these five steps for better writing assignments moving forward.

  1. Understand the topic at hand

There is no better way to ace your writing assignments than to fully grasp the topic at hand. First, read the topic title over and over again. Next, read the instructions again and again until you completely understand it. This allows you to weed out all the unnecessary information that might not be relevant to the assigned topic.

  1. Create an outline

Once you fully comprehend the given instructions, it’s time to make an outline for your essay. Creating an outline will help you transition from one paragraph and subheading to another smoothly. This also ensures that you’re not writing a watery diatribe for your paper. What I do is I write down the title, then I write down the possible and relevant headings that could go into my article and I filter those that are somehow off-topic. Then after writing the headings, I then write more subheadings for each to at least dig deeper into the topic if necessary.

  1. Be tenacious with research

In any given writing assignment, research is surely inevitable unless you’re a walking Wikipedia who knows everything. Of course, we all know knowledge is boundless. There is always something new to learn every day. The first thing you can do is Google all the websites that are the authority in that topic, and don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to finding out valuable information. There are also online paperhelp experts you can hire to guide you with your writing assignment.

  1. Stick to the conventional format

Even though technology has evolved immensely, writing articles still follow a conventional format. Don’t forget to always start with a killer intro, then the body where you can put all your subheadings. Last but not least, never forget to end your paper with a conclusion. The last part is important because it summarizes the gist of your entire article.

  1. Edit, edit, edit

Any writer knows how crucial proofreading is. When you’ve started writing your assignment, don’t edit while writing. Write whatever comes out of your mind and don’t worry about editing just yet. Once you’ve finished, do the initial edit. Then leave the paper for a couple of hours before you do another edit again. This will allow you to scan additional mistakes that you missed the first time.


Writing assignments also entail citations, always ensure that you cite the proper sources to respect copyrights. More importantly, stick to these five steps and you’ll be surprised by the improvement in all your writing tasks.

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