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Tips to look for a job while working

The Takeaway:

Looking for a career while working and earning a paycheck may sound like the best in all worlds, but it brings a few additional obstacles that you'll need to consider.

Tips to look for a job while working

1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

The recruiter or prospective employer will review your LinkedIn profile before the resume appears. Don’t wait for the last minute to update your profile right now and describe what you are looking for in your next job.

Below are a few things you need to remember before you move into editing. First of all, try shutting off alerts so that your profile changes are not transmitted around the network. Second, don’t tag your profile with “searching for a new job,” your employer may be watching. Finally, keep your skills updated and consistent with what you do in your current job.


2. Don’t post on job boards

Nothing kills a discreet job search faster than receiving 15 messages from recruiters, including three voicemails on your work phone. Don’t post your resume on the job sites in India. Networking offers the best potential prospects. The risk of a fantastic opportunity being skipped on the board is more than offset by the guarantee that the employer will not find the online resume.


3. Don’t drop hints

To remain silent in your quest can be stressful and unsatisfactory. If an interview has not gone well or if you suggest to your manager that a recent reprimand is not significant, then you are out of there already. You may want to join your colleagues. Fight the temptation and stay silent. It is always the same to say to a colleague to inform all of them.


4. Schedule interviews after work hours

You can only have 9 AM doctor appointments a week before you raise your suspicions! Consider breakfast and lunch meetings, or ask a place after work for many companies, particularly if you require discretion.


5. Don’t undermine yourself

Too often, a job search on appfutura that is meant to be undercover is revealed through self-sabotage. Don’t be that person who selects a “not care less” attitude to check out everyday responsibilities or battle. Do not use the network or telephone of the company to seek a new job. Always assume that your employer is looking for you. Getting fired over improper use of company resources will not help your search.


6. Be efficient

One of the most difficult aspects of your position is that you have a full-time job to work 1twfor. How to find enough time to dedicate yourself to work on this new opportunity? The key to searching for a job while working is to plan and organize yourself. Update and resume your online profile and create a great cover letter layout to prevent you from starting from scratch when you start the search.


7. Don’t act prematurely

Hope isn’t a strategy! Take a deep breath and stay away from doing or saying anything rash just because you’ve had a very promising interview. You have no new job until you have received a job offer, accepted it, and signed the documents. Anything you do or say until then has to be carefully considered.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a Commerce graduate who aims at enlightening people through her writings. Apart from being a content writer, she loves to chit-chat and binge-watch.

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