If you are looking for the top tools for essay writing, then you are in the right place because today we are going to tell you about the top ten tools that you can use to write essays in a more professional way simply! you should know and understand this that writing is not the cup of tea of every person and not all of you can write, writing is God-gifted art, and if you aren’t gifted with one then the only thing that will help you in writing good content is practice and a lot of experience.

If you are the least interested in practicing for writing and polishing and developing your skills, then you should simply know that you can get help in writing using the top tools for essay writing tools!

Now there are hundreds of free essay writing tools on the web, but we would like you guys to know that you should use the best tools which can help you in generating a sane version of content rather making out an artificial content that would be rejected by the higher authorities!

You must use a tool that can help you with the level of writing you are expecting and which you must submit! Obviously, if you must write an essay that you have to submit as a junior class assignment and if you are using a tool which generates the content on a professional basis then you will easily get caught and rejected!

So here is the list of the top ten tools!

Plagiarism Checker

A writer has to take care of several measures while creating content for any website. That’s because the website’s success is dependent on the quality of the articles it contains. A writer must come up with original ideas that can prove to be beneficial for the readers. The tone of the content should be engaging, or else the audience will get bored, and the image of the website will be destroyed. The skillset of a writer must include creativity, command on grammar, and the ability to create linkage.

You can ensure the originality of your text with the help of a plagiarism checker tool. This advanced software will help you in identifying the chunks of your written material that matches other sources available on the internet. It displays the percentage of your text that indicates how much proportion is original and how much is plagiarized. An advanced tool will also provide you the option to download the report that clearly shows the plagiarized parts in a text.

Plagiarism is a serious issue as it can result in taking down a website’s ranking in search engines. Plus, it also destroys the reputation of the writer. Therefore, using a service that can help you in the identification of plagiarism is a must-do thing for every webmaster and writer before uploading any content. After analyzing your text, the plagiarized phrases or paragraphs should be altered or removed to avoid any negative consequence.


This is the first tool in our list, this is not only an essay writing app, but it also helps you as a free online plagiarism checker free tool if you want to check your content for plagiarism! This tool will help you out in writing the most readable content which would be not only readable but also simple and of good quality! The tool will help you in fixing small mistakes like grammar and spellings too!


Now, this is a tool which will not only help the students in writing essays, but it will also develop their interest in writing! you should know that most students consider the writing mantra to be boring and that is why they avoid it and they are more interested and keen on plagiarizing content! the Quillpad tool will surely change the concept of a student as it will give the student amazing tips and tricks in terms of writing and using the unique resource. You can also use the advanced version of the tool as a free online plagiarism checker free tool!

The Grammar Gorillas!

If students are facing problem in understanding grammar and using it properly in their writing? well, you should know that the grammar mistakes are one of the biggest mistakes that students make in writing! this tool will help the students in correcting their grammar in the right way and not only that, but it will also teach them the right use of grammar! You should know that the grammar gorillas also have some additional features which can be used to run the tool as a plagiarism checker!

Essay Punch!

Now, this is yet another tool that you can use to teach your students to write an essay with the help of technology! The essay punch will help you guys in the learning each and every step of the writing process. From using a new vocabulary to the use of correct grammar, you will master every step of writing with the help of this tool!

Thesis Generator!

If you want to know about the right way to write a thesis, then you should use this tool! It a special tool for students because it teaches them the right way to write a thesis. You should know that professional academic writing and thesis paper is very much different than normal essay writing and f0or this purpose you should know that the thesis generator will help you a lot in the process! It will also help you as a plagiarism checker to check and maintain the plagiarism percentage in your content!

Parapal Online!

Now, this is yet another tool that you can use to polish your writing skills in a professional way!


Now, this is plagiarism checker tools which also works as a guide for writing content! we will like you guys to know that this tool will help you in correcting mistakes in your content! the tools are known to be the best free plagiarism checker for students!

Perdue Writing Lab!

Now, this is yet another tool that helps the students to understand the formatting guidelines and citation styles in an essay!


This is a tool best6 known for its advanced vocabulary! This is a tool that will help you a lot in the simple learning of new words and phrases!


Now Grammarly is also one of the most famous brands in the essay writing tools which will help you in every field of writing and also as a plagiarism checker!

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