Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Smart Studying: Useful Tech that can Increase Studying Productivity

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Studying Productivity

For any pupil, whether they are going to college or university, life in school may be intense. Relaxing and enjoying yourself may be a struggle between the sequence of courses, papers and stacks of assignments. Thankfully, modern technology has evolved and developed so far that learners have all manner of practical tools to use.

The specific gadgets that we will mention below are devices that will help you learn more easily through being able to consistently take documents, and placing the mind in a more learning-oriented manner. Invest in some of these to make the most out of your studying sessions.

Freedom app

Any student who owns a laptop knows how easy it can be to sneak off to social media or Reddit instead of studying. The Freedom app for Mac and Windows can block websites, apps, and other distractions to help keep you on task. You can schedule study time in advance or set it up on the fly.

Sometimes applying studying techniques, like the Tomato timer or the Buddy system, aren’t enough. Sometimes you need something that can discipline you and really make you focus on studying and eliminate distractions. The Freedom app can be just that kind of solution.

LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

Study desks need a functional and practical lamp for lighting. There are all sorts of trendy lamps to pick from out there. We have one recommendation out of the dozens of them: The Lifx Mini.

The Lifx Mini is also a good choice to aid you studying; it also lights up with various colors. Not only that, but the Lifx Mini also serves as an alarm clock to help you wake up on time. This also has a dedicated app that lets you control the lighting.

Kindle Paperwhite

Textbooks can be quite a hassle. They are huge and in general, ridiculously expensive. That’s not the case for the Kindle Paperwhite. With this gadget, you can download books for a much affordable price. Instead of carrying heavy and expensive books, you can just look them all up in one tablet.

Although Kindles themselves are around half the cost of a book, it would be insane how much money you save by downloading the books. You’ll be saving plenty of semesters worth. It’s a terrific deal.

Smart Notebook

A debate that has been raging among students is whether to write by hand or to type with regards to note-taking. No matter to which side you’re on the argument, making notes that a smart notebook is a nice middle area.

In using a smart notebook when taking notes, you’ll be able to save paper because everything you jot down gets saved to the cloud. It’s environmentally friendly, and a great way to organize your notes as well.

Portable Hard Drive

The worst experience of writing a very long article is to delete it by mistake due to malfunctions of computers or other technological factors. Though we should be normally trying to protect our laptops and computers, having an additional external hard drive for your papers can be a real life-saver.

We recommend the WD My Passport Wireless. Generally speaking, there are a few advantages this portable hard drive provides for every user. Of one, packing up many years of university programs, it has a huge storage room. Not just this, but through a joint endeavor, you may even leverage this drive to help your schoolmates.

Laptop Lap Desk

Although it is good to work at a standard office, some of the students prefer to study in bed. But getting your laptop lying on your sheets can be big trouble. Instead, get a lap desk to cover yourself and your laptop.

The LapGear home office lap desk is one of the lap desks which we suggest. It’s 17.4 inches wide which allows you plenty of space to position your desktop, a keyboard, and even a pocket for your camera. It’s a sturdy lap desk that will help improve your attitude and protect your machine from piling up dirt and humidity.

Noise-Cancel Headphones

Having to study in your apartment might be challenging because you are constantly annoyed by the Television, the radio, and the loud conversations of your roommates. Today’s headsets are useful devices for the job. Researchers have demonstrated, for example, that listening to the radio enables learning better. If you put headphones on, those effects escalate.

You might go for wired headphones now, but even earbuds have made several strides and standards. Find lightweight wireless headsets with both sound-canceling and comfort features. You may not only feel relaxed having these on, but you can also block all kinds of disruptions and indulge yourself in the task.


These are our recommended devices to explore that can help every student excel in school and excel. Consider getting some of these to significantly maximize your studying and increase productivity and learning this semester.

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