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5 Websites You Can Download Music From For Free

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There are a lot of music streaming apps that are out on the market. Each site offers the same products, which are music from different artists. The only difference is that some of these sites charge money for their services. What we have is a music lover’s list of sites that offer a free option. We will show you how to download music and where to download them.

We understand that you have heard about Spotify and Apple Music and more. We also know that these streaming platforms require a premium to use. There are a lot of free alternatives to these apps. If you are a music lover, you will look for ways to get your music fix in a hassle-free manner without paying a dime.

Music Download Websites


In terms of popularity, SoundCloud is way up the ranks. We started to hear about a SoundCloud movement many years ago. The streaming app has catered to a lot of different artists and genres. You can easily stream and download music for free. That is where it matters, right? SoundCloud offers Quality content that is available for free.

In a sense, SoundCloud functions as the best alternative to Spotify. You can get any online track or mix from an artist without paying. SoundCloud is an online community of independent artists. There is also no shortage of any famous musicians in SoundCloud.

Look for your favorite artists while you discover new ones on SoundCloud. You can download your favorite tracks with the Free Download Button below any song.


There have been a lot of famous music acts that came from ReverbNation. Some of these artists even include Imagine Dragons and many more. ReverbNation allows any musician or band to share their music for free. Of course, if you provide free access to good content, that would earn you a fanbase.

You can find a lot of musical genres in ReverbNation. A lot of music from pop to hip-hop to alternative artists use ReverbNation as a sharing platform. ReverbNation also has a Discover section. The site’s discover section can be useful to the 4 million artists, labels, and users that they cater to.

The best part about ReverbNation is that you can download an album or a track for free. It does not require any payment for a piece of an artist’s passion product. Just locate the download icon in front of the downloadable songs, and you are good to go!


You are probably shocked to find Amazon on our list. Yes, Amazon is one of the best sites to download music for free. No, you do not have to wait days to get your music fix. You can download music from a lot of your favorite musicians in Amazon. Artists like Carole King and Foo Fighters are available at Amazon.

There is also a vast collection of genres on the shopping site. You do not have to download Dave Grohl’s songs again and again on Amazon. You can find a lot of free music content in its digital music arm. You can then select everything from indie to classical to any other genre you like.

The checkout is secure and hassle-free. You can find that it works just like buying any track that requires payment but without you paying for it. All you need is to add a record to your shopping cart then Check out, and then the album or track is yours!


Audiomack is an up and coming music sharing app. Speaking of an emerging rookie, Audiomack has the potential to be another SoundCloud. Both apps offer a platform for artists, labels, and music fans to share different styles. Audiomack separates itself by providing a user-interface that is easy to use.

Whenever you want music, you would want it to be free and of top quality. You can find a trending section that offers the best Hip-hop, Reggae, and many more. The well-categorized aspect of Audiomack adds to the app being user-friendly. You would get what genre you want and the best tracks that are available.


YouTube has been around for a long time now. It has evolved to be one of the giants in terms of media sharing platforms. Like how it has always been, you can find a lot of great music content here. The only thing is that while it is free, downloading them can be quite a process.

If you have the Android or iOs app, you can download music for free. You will need to keep your screen unlocked because the app does not work when you lock your screen. Quite the tricky process, but some of the content on YouTube offers a vast selection any music fan will love.


You do not need to pay to enjoy high-quality music. If you genuinely are a music lover, you can find upcoming artists with a skillset to showcase. I believe that all of these apps are great at that aspect.

These platforms all offer a chance for artists, indie or famous, to share their talents to an audience. The best thing about these music streaming apps is that all of us get to appreciate music for free.

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