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Why you should choose Gokarna Over Goa for your next holiday?

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Why you should choose Gokarna Over Goa for your next holiday

Amidst the stresses of life taking a vacation once in a while is a must, isn’t it? More often than not, people are very fond of visiting the Goan beaches for a relaxing weekend spree. The jostle and lively atmosphere that Goa has to offer is unmatched. However, this time instead of planning a trip to Goa, we would rather suggest you considered places to visit in Gokarna.

What is it that makes Gokarna stand out in the list of destinations for your next holiday trip, let us find out through this article. Read on to have an in-depth view of why you should pick Gokarna as your next holiday destination over Goa.

1-The beaches:

In either of the destinations, there is no dearth of sandy shores and expanses of water. On the one hand, Goa has to boast some of the most renowned beaches that include –Baga, Anjuna, Mandrem, Calangute, and many more, Gokarna, on the other hand, isn’t left behind. The place has to showcase one of the most incredible collections of coastline such as –Om, Half Moon, Paradise, and Kudle Beach.

While the beaches in Goa are crowded and have a vivacious atmosphere, the ones in Gokarna are much calmer and impart with a soothing ambience, with comparatively lesser tourists. If you are someone who wants to enjoy solitude amongst the beauty of the sunset, then Gokarna should be your ultimate choice.

2-Place of stay:

Goa has some of the most luxurious hotel shacks to boast as the world-famous tourist destination attracts a throng of travellers from all across the globe. The place has to offer to you some of the most exquisite hotels to stay at that include the Vivanta by Taj group of Hotels.

However, Gokarna is a more toned down replica of Goa. As a matter of fact, the place is lined by some of the most amazing hotels and shacks, but it doesn’t match up with the luxurious accommodations that you can get in Goa. Gokarna can be easy on your budget, though, while you enjoy a beachfront view.

3-About the food:

There is no scarcity of food joints in either Goa or Gokarna. However, in Goa, you are going to get an abundance of food cuisines to choose from. Starting from Russian, Chinese, Continental to any other cuisine of your choice.

If you are more inclined towards binging on the traditional cuisines of India, you should opt for Gokarna as your destination to have food. Several food chains line the beaches of Gokarna that will offer you delectable delicacies that you just can’t get enough of.

Bottom Line:

If you are still confused between the two destinations –Goa and Gokarna, you could browse through the website to read various travel blogs and stories and then you can plan out your holiday in Gokarna. Also, you can get some handy tips that will help you in making your choice. We would root for Gokarna this vacation so that you can have a more romantic and cosy experience.

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